Mobile games uninstalled 34% more than apps

So says the latest AppsFlyer report

Mobile games uninstalled 34% more than apps

Mobile game apps are uninstalled 34 per cent of the time higher than non-game apps.

That’s according to a new report from AppsFlyer on ‘The State of Gaming App Marketing: 2019 Insight’, where the analysis looked over 250 million installs.

Interestingly when the two major platforms were compared, Android uninstallation was 125 per cent higher than on iOS, which was cited as due to the many different Android devices and the average amount of storage space.

Organic users have a 14 per cent lower uninstall rate compared to acquired users, which again was a much lower difference than non-game apps.

“Somewhat expected”

“No doubt its a big gap, but it is also somewhat expected when considering the massive growth of gaming apps and player bases,” reads the report.

“It also goes hand in hand with the exploratory player mindset of trying out new games and uninstalling them if they are not the right fit, or moving on to the next game, which is extremely common due to the short lifespan of the average game.”

Those interested in reading the full report can head here.

Earlier this year we spoke to AppsFlyer managing director Paul Wright ahead of his talk at PocketGamer Connects London.

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