PGC Digital: What BoomBit learned from mid-core games to create new hypercasual titles

"Every game is completely different so don't port learnings"

PGC Digital: What BoomBit learned from mid-core games to create new hypercasual titles

Hypercasual is one of the most popular genres found on mobile, and as such, many developers are trying to cash in on the market.

BoomBit vice president of publishing John Hook offered advice in his talk 'From hypercasual to Midcore & Back Again: What can Midcore Games tell us About the Future of Hyper-casual Games?' as part of Pocket Gamer Connects.

The company started out with hypercasual development in 2014. However, after three years in 2017, it moved into its first mid-core games BoomBit shifted its focus back to hyper-casual in Q4 2019.

Midcore learnings

First and foremost, when it comes to devleoping mid-core games "it takes much longer and a much bigger team".

It is crucial to set up a reliable database; the team needs to be as good as your data. Next, you must choose the right tool for the job; plenty of options are available, so you must select the correct one for your project.

"Every game is completely different so don't port learnings," said Hook.

When it comes to alpha and beta testing, do not start new tests until the previous trial is completed, plan these tests carefully based on your data.

In terms of monetisation, Hook claimed: "It's really important you create data-driven targeting offers."


When it comes to developing a hyper-casual title, it is crucial to "start early; it's all about an official process."

Then you can move onto CPI and retention testing. Should it prove successful, it is time to add further levels to your game.

"When you're building a game you're building it for non-gamers," said Hook.

Keep the game design simple, and it doesn't need to be overly complicated. In fact, if you do that, then your title will only appeal to hardcore gamers.

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