AppsFlyer: Mobile game revenue has risen 35% since February

Casual and social games have seen an identical jump

AppsFlyer: Mobile game revenue has risen 35% since February

Mobile game revenue has risen by 35 per cent since February, according to AppsFlyer data.

This information was found via an update to the mobile marketing analytics report on 'The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact on App Installs and Marketing Budgets,' beginning February 25th, 2020.

Similarly, casual games and social casino revenue rose 35 per cent since week one of the investigation and a further 12 to 16 per cent since week six. Hardcore gaming revenue was up by 17 per cent from the week of April 23rd, following a drop of 13 per cent the week prior.

AppsFlyer's examination to obtain this metric the metric were "the weekly percentage of app installs and sessions per country, per vertical". This was then "normalised" by dividing the weekly share of installs/sessions/revenue by the overall number of installs/sessions/revenue throughout the entire examined time frame.

Apps revenue rise

"Most importantly, app revenue continued its rise, going up a further seven per cent since week six," reads the report.

"Usage continued its gradual ascent, increasing 28 per cent since week one; download activity across both non-organic and organic installs was slightly down this week but has risen 20 per cent since week one."

Interestingly, data from Adjust stated that mobile game downloads have seen a rise of 75 per cent in Q1 2020 when compared to the Q1 2019.

AppsFlyer recently reported that Google has become the number one company in the mobile app advertising market.

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