Thatgamecompany raises over $1 million for COVID-19 relief efforts

"We are so overwhelmed by the generosity of Sky's global community"

Thatgamecompany raises over $1 million for COVID-19 relief efforts

Thatgamecompany has raised just over $1 million for coronavirus relief efforts.

As announced via Twitter (below), the money was raised through the Days of Healing and Nature events in the firm's mobile title Sky: Children of the Light, which recently broke 20 million downloads.

Sky's in-game charity campaigns ran for four weeks between April and May, with 100 per cent of the proceeds made via a special accessory pack were pledged to organisations fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

The developer has planted more than 40,000 trees with One Tree Planted and will donate $1.02 million to Doctors Without Borders.

"Doctors Without Borders is extremely grateful for the generous support of thatgamecompany and the Sky community. As we face an unprecedented global health crisis, we rely on this generosity to respond to this emergency and to continue providing medical care in over 70 countries," said Doctors Without Borders US executive director Avril Benoît in a statement.

A generous community

"We are so overwhelmed by the generosity of Sky's global community. Originally, we asked how could our studio help during the pandemic? We couldn't have predicted the altruistic behaviours in-game would translate to real-life action and giving to frontline workers," said thatgamecompany co-founder and creative director Jenova Chen.

"Our team is so moved by the word-of-mouth and support Sky has inspired during this pandemic."

Sky: Children of the Light was launched exclusively for iOS devices on July 18th 2019. It came to Android in April 2020 and is expected to hit Nintendo Switch later this year.

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