Learn how to grow your games at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4

One of 16 featured tracks

Learn how to grow your games at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4

Just over two weeks remain until Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4, which takes place between November 9th and 13th.

Pocket Gamer Connects Digital will continue our string of successful digital events. Yet again, we will provide excellent panels, interesting talks, and fringe events, and we have improved upon the meeting system since our last go around.

The number of tracks has increased for our fourth digital event. We have 16 insightful tracks for attendees to take in – subjects include growth, esports, live ops, global trends, Blockchain and big screen gaming.

Every day we will look at each of the 17 tracks in turn. Today is The Growth Track, your chance to learn all about growing your game from some of the industry's finest minds.

Monday, November 9th

9:00 - The track will begin with a superstar session, to be hosted by Tencent senior consultant Aras Senyuz. He will discuss the state of hardcore games in Asia and the West while comparing it to other markets.

9:30 - Next, a second superstar session, this time with Mediatonic senior game designer Chris Winn. His talk is titled mixing it up to maintain engagement - using innovative gameplay to delight players.

14:00 - To kick off the afternoon, we will host a panel discussion on how we prepare for the end of IDFA? Four industry experts will take to the stage, Traplight chief growth officer Filippo De Rose, LILA Games CEO Joseph Kim and Tilting Point head of data science Andre Cohen. They will be joined by Fyber vice president of product Alon Golan.

15:20 - A second panel will follow, this time centered on beyond covid - what comes afterwards? Five experts will offer their insight, the first of which is Game Jolt CEO and co-founder Yaprak DeCarmine. She will be joined by Abylight Studios communications manager Orchidee Stachelig and A Thinking Ape vice president for people and culture Natania Mathany. The panel will be completed by Antler Interactive CEO Anna Norrevik and Nifty Games CEO Jon Middleton.

16:10 - Next, a session with Konvoy Ventures managing partner Jason Chapman. In a talk titled, where will the next billion gamers come from? He will cover geo growth, underserved demos and the developing world coming online.

17:10 - The track will close with a third panel, a group of experts will discuss ads as a tool for retention. Funorama head of business development David Pich and Kooapps co-founder and CEO Chun-Kai Wang will offer their insight. As will Pixel Noire Games lead designer Javier Barnes, Funday Factory product manager and partner Emil Kjaehr and Playright Games co-founder and designer Evtim Trenkov.

Check out the full schedule to see the complete range of impressive speakers attending. You can also check out our other track rundowns and coverage of previous Pocket Gamer Connects conferences ahead of the event itself.

Like what you see? Well, there's still time to register for Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4 here.

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