Niantic increases the level cap in Pokemon Go

As part of the Beyond update

Niantic increases the level cap in Pokemon Go

Niantic will raise the level cap in Pokemon Go has part of its huge Beyond update.

As detailed in a blog update, the new level cap for trainers will be set at 50. Currently, players max out at 40.

Furthermore, for those who may be at a lower level, Niantic has adjusted the various ways in which experience points can be earned, helping people to achieve the bragging rights of level 50.

It will be the first time since Pokemon Go's launch, in July 2016, that the levelling up system will get reworked. Furthermore, trainers can look forward to being introduced to Pokemon from the Kalos region too.

Earlier this month, the Augmented Reality title celebrated Pokemon Journeys: The Series via an in-game event.

It's my destiny

"Since 2016, a lot has changed, both in the real world and in Pokémon GO. What hasn't changed, however, is the fact that we have each other and our Pokémon," said Niantic.

"As Pokémon GO has grown, so have we—as Trainers, as a community, and as people. The game has grown beyond our wildest imaginations, and we're thrilled to see it continue strong four years later. It wouldn't have been possible without all of you."

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