The essentials of mobile games with King, Jam City, Ohayoo and Yoozoo Games at PGC Digital #6

Top industry speakers on 19-23 April

The essentials of mobile games with King, Jam City, Ohayoo and Yoozoo Games at PGC Digital #6

Get ready to learn from the industry’s top experts - Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6 is less than two weeks away and we’re delighted to share the next set of speakers with you!

We’re back on April 19th to 23rd for a week of seminars, panels, fireside chats, roundtables and more. More than 1,500 virtual attendees from all around the world will hear from over 250 experts across 16 themed conference tracks.

Each talk, panel, keynote and seminar is streamed live, recorded and made available on demand, so you can interact with our speakers during their talks through Q&As or catch up later if you’re unavailable for the stream.

We’ve already announced some of our speaker lineup, which you can find here, here and here. Today, we're thrilled to bring you the latest speakers confirmed for Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6.

L-R: Philipp J. Karstaedt, Amy Huang, David Pich, Lucy Rissik

Starting your company and taking it to the next level

META Games’ co-founder and COO Philipp J. Karstaedt shares his important factors everyone should know before starting their first game company on a panel. Karstaedt also discusses some of the best live ops strategies that are a must for every game developer on a panel that also includes Mattel163’s CEO Amy Huang.

Pedro Dinis explores how best to grow your audience in alternative app stores

Brotherhood of Brand’s CEO and founder Lucy Rissik discusses how to choose the best path for your brand with a roundtable of experts. Traplight’s creative lead Akseli Virtanen and Funorama’s head of business development David Pich discuss choosing the best ad format for your game with a panel. Pich also features on another panel alongside Traplight’s UA lead Matej Lancaric to look at the best practices in UA and retention.

Catapult’s growth manager Pedro Dinis explores how best to grow your audience in alternative app stores, while Abylight Studios’ communications manager Orchidee Stachelig explores whether social media is the elixir in dealing with the community or if it's the person.

L-R: Orchidee Stachelig, Klaas Kersting, Cami Smith, Kyu Lee


For the ultimate next level for your games business, want to learn more about the world of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)? Don't miss Phoenix Games’ CEO and founder Klaas Kersting's introduction to M&A in the games market.

Are M&As the new markers of success? Headup’s CEO Dieter Schoeller and Jam City’s VP of M&A John Peterson discuss on an expert panel. Meanwhile, Crossover Technologies’ managing director Eric Goldberg, Fenwick & West’s partner Mark Stevens and GAMEVIL COM2US USA’s president Kyu Lee discuss how you can prepare your company for M&A.

You can also find out the hottest M&A trends right now with a fireside chat between Evercore’s managing director Matthew Wang and managing director technology M&A Victor Chan as they explore its influence in the games industry.

L-R: Sophie Vo, Jez Harris, Niccole Minka, Justin Keeling

Grow your career or grow your team

As well as the multiple careers activities taking place during Pocket Gamer Connects Careers Week, which returns at our next online conference, we have a range of seminars to help, whether you're looking for your next role or trying to find fresh talent to round out your team.

Sophie Vo shares some of the best practices you can adopt to develop your team and grow your talent

Learn how you can ‘sell’ your skills during the hiring process with Academy of Interactive Entertainment’s industry relations coordinator Cami Smith, along with other expert speakers who will share their top tips on this roundtable.

From the other side of the fence, Rise and Play’s founder Sophie Vo shares some of the best practices you can adopt to develop your team and grow your talent, while ggLocators’ managing director Niccole Minka explores the benefits of recruiting for your company by yourself or working with agencies.

Square Enix’s product manager Karla Reyes, Dirtybit’s CMO Anette Staloy and Chorus Worldwide’s publishing director Jez Harris explore some of the traps and advantages when creating a diverse and international company culture.

And with one eye on the future, Go Beyond Capital’s founding partner Kadri Ugand and Lumikai Fund’s general partner Justin Keeling discuss the best practices when building a company with investment in mind with a panel.

L-R: Karla Reyes, Philip Wride, Anette Staloy, Spike Laurie

How to win friends and influence people

Speaking of the future, are influencers still the future of games marketing? Cheesecake Digital’s CEO Philip Wride discusses on a panel. Hiro Capital’s venture director Spike Laurie, Monaco Esports founding member Ignat Brobovich and Resolve Esports’ founder and CEO Ilias Pajoheshfar explore some of the healthy growth tactics for esports are on a panel.

What’s the best way to drive game player engagement through narrative? Hiro Capital’s co-founding partner Ian Livingstone CBE discusses with other expert speakers on a panel. We’re also excited to hear from King’s QA analyst Ana Luca as she hosts a superstar session on how QA and production is the dynamic duo that will improve your game.

Publishing, new markets and the multiverse

Fundamentally Games COO Ella Romanos discusses the path to becoming a publisher, while Exient’s creative marketing manager Jamie Wotton looks at how industry professionals can find their next self-published hit. And if you decide to self-publish, make sure to catch SDP Games’ CEO Laurent Benadiba's essential advice on how to be successful.

Have you been thinking about publishing your games in a new market? Yufan Wang shares Ohayoo's top tips of publishing games in China

We also take a look at the financial side of things with Roundhill Investments’ vice president of research Mario Stefanidis sharing the best ways to invest in gaming stocks, as well as Mule.WTF’s co-founder Alex Amsel discussing the future of NFTs with a panel.

Broadening our horizons overseas, have you been thinking about publishing your games in a new market? Perhaps you want to look East? Ohayoo’s director of global marketing Yufan Wang shares their top tips of publishing games in China at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6 with this superstar session. You'll also get chance to hear more about the market in the Middle East and North Africa with Yoozoo Games CEO of Yoozoo Turkey and MENA Arslan Kiran's looks at the expansion in mobile gaming through challenging times and markets.

Ohayoo’s head of overseas publishing Bolin Xiao and Imperia Online’s marketing and business development manager Vasil Gospodinov discuss whether it's still about the 'whales' in games marketing, as well as how to get the most out of your users with a panel.

And with one eye on the road to here as well as the path ahead, Rowan Glade’s CFO Chris Hainsworth hosts a session which explores the history of the game business. He also hosts another session looking at combining creativity and accessibility within games.

For the ultimate future-gazing forecast, we recommend SuperData Research’s CEO and co-founder Joost van Dreunen and Playable Worlds’ CEO Raph Koster as they unite for a fireside chat, where Koster will share his thoughts on the evolution of online games into the multiverse and what we can expect in the years to come...

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