Hear industry giants like Ubisoft, EA, Admix, AppsFlyer discuss the hot topics at PCC Digital #8

Exclusive: more expert speakers revealed for the leading mobile B2B games industry conference

Hear industry giants like Ubisoft, EA, Admix, AppsFlyer discuss the hot topics at PCC Digital #8

We’re in the final run up to Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #8 and we’re delighted to share with you the top games industry experts you could learn from in under two weeks time.

The leading series of B2B mobile games industry conferences returns for an eighth digital edition on September 27th to October 1st, with the team superbly creating a star-studded line-up of speakers ready to share their insightful thoughts, learnings and knowledge with you.

Each talk, panel, keynote and seminar is streamed live, recorded and made available on demand, so you can catch up on anything you may have missed at a more convenient time.

Our meeting platform is now live, meaning you can start to plan your meetings and bookmark which talks you want to see in your calendar so you don’t miss a thing.

We’ve already revealed some of the amazing speakers who are joining us next month, which you can view here and here.

However, today we’re excited to share the next set of speakers joining us for our eighth digital endeavour. Who else will you be hearing from online at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #8?

L-R: KooPee Hiltunen, Suvi Latva, Russell Anderson, Jay Shin

Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #8 takes place around the same time we would usually be gearing up to travel to Helsinki for a live event prior to the pandemic. Of course, due to the current global situation, we are unable to hold our conference in Finland this year, but we are very excited to feature dedicated content that explores the Nordic markets and beyond.

One such session involves Neogames director KooPee Hiltunen, exploring the current opportunities and the future of the games industry in Finland.

We have a Neogames double whammy at our next conference, as chief business advisor Suvi Latva features on a panel which aims to explore how the Nordic cultures influence game development.

Are you perhaps new to the games industry and want to learn more about it? Outplay Entertainment senior Unity engineer Russell Anderson provides an introduction to this wonderful industry and shares all the basics you need to know.

Developer know-how

Are there any barriers to becoming a game developer? An Otter Team creative director Vania Castagnino and Arrogant Pixel director and co-founder Jay Shin share their thoughts alongside other panelists.

Chantelle D’Cruz hosts a superstar session on multiculturalism and project management within the games industry

Are you a first time game developer? Get practical tips from Misc Games CEO Gøran Myrland and Fundamentally Games COO Ella Romanos as they share their knowledge with a panel. Romanos also appears on a panel with Digging Deep executive director and producer Rosemary Lokhorst on dealing with conflicts within the team.

We’re excited to hear from Ubisoft Abu Dhabi project coordinator Chantelle D’Cruz as she hosts a superstar session on multiculturalism and project management within the games industry. Dodreams CEO Erik Pöntiskoski leads a session which highlights how we can lead change from the top line.

Ubisoft Abu Dhabi lead producer / production manager Peeyush Gulati and Admix publisher partnerships director Chloe Cave discuss with a panel the lessons they’ve learned from their game economy mistakes.

Get top tips and insight for better players’ engagement with Electric Square lead UX / UI Kristina Miles. AppLovin manager, business development Tony Deane, alongside a panel, shares the process and how you can pick the ideal tactic for your target demographic with regards to user acquisition and retention.

AppTweak head of ASO Simon Thillay shares his strategies to get ready for iOS 15.

L-R: Vania Castagnino, Peeyush Gulati, Chantelle D'Cruz, Miquel Matthys

Hypercasual, live ops and emerging markets

Adjust lead product strategist Gijsbert Pols and product marketing manager Sarah Liebman unite for a joint session on the recent surge of CTVs and how gaming fits in.

Alexander Casassovici discusses how you can grab and keep viewer’s attention during and beyond a live event

Hypercasual game design vs aggressive monetisation - enemies forever or potential allies? Alpha Potato game designer and product manager Munshi (Max) Hasnat dives deeper in his session.

Orbital Knight CEO Karol Drzymala, CrazyLabs senior publisher manager Nir Miretzky and Lion Studios at App Lovin director of business development Tamara Feiman highlights and discusses the challenges of being innovative and unique in the hypercasual market.

Azarus co-founder and CEO Alexander Casassovici discusses how you can grab and keep viewer’s attention during and beyond a live event.

Metacore Games tech lead Chris Hong discusses the automation of the backend in live ops, with design and implementation being the focus. PeopleFun product owner of Wordscapes Search Jason Leary highlights the theming for live ops events and the power of modularity and storytelling.

3D Aim Trainer CEO Miquel Matthys and Mobile Premier League co-founder Shubham Malhotra discuss what we can learn from growing esports markets with a panel.

Springloaded indie developer James Barnard shares the reasons why they left mobile and moved to Steam.

L-R: Munshi (Max) Hasnat, Chloe Cave, David Chang, Tamara Feiman

Let’s get down to business

Let’s get to dissecting the art of the deal. Tyr Advisors founder and managing director David Chang shares everything you need to know to evaluate your funding or acquisition opportunity.

Samuel Huber leads a superstar session on how to build a player-centric business model that’s resilient enough for the next decade

We can’t wait to hear from Admix CEO Samuel Huber as he leads a superstar session on how to build a player-centric business model that’s resilient enough for the next decade.

Is bootstrapping and self-financing still a thing in game development? First Fund founder Samarth Chandola discusses with a panel. Meanwhile, EA VP, business / corporate development and ad monetisation Chris Akhavan discusses whether acquisition is the way to go with a panel.

Get the lowdown on preparing your studio to be acquired or seeking investment with Quantum Tech Partners founder Jim Perkins. Perkins also features on a panel alongside Riot Games head of Riot Forge Leanne Loombe and other experts looking at whether a new IP or remake is the way to go when you’ve decided to look for a publisher.

How do you go about opening a studio abroad, and why should you do it? Atomhawk Design managing director Tim Wilson and Trade and Invest British Columbia European trade and investment specialist Rhoda Campbell discuss in a fireside chat.

Discover what you should know when you’re selling your game to a publisher with Resistance Games’ creative director Jussi Autio.

AppsFlyer product manager Yael Altshul leads a session on a single source of truth for measurement.

AppsFlyer Nordics business development Alex Cooper and head of enterprise customer success Nordics and Israel Tamar Polak feature on a speed panel which looks at how a top gaming app publisher tackled iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork.

L-R: Chris Akhavan, Rhoda Campbell, Gerard 'HipHopGamer' Williams, Kat De Shields-Moon

Going beyond the mobile realm

The mobile sector has always been our first love, it’s how Pocket Gamer started in the first place. But for many years we’ve spread the love to PC, console, virtual reality, blockchain and other technologies too through our family of websites and at our conferences.

TheGameCFO CFO / executive producer Chris Hainsworth explores the potential in XR investments

For example, at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #8, TheGameCFO CFO / executive producer Chris Hainsworth explores the potential in XR investments with a superstar session. Hainsworth also features on an XR related panel alongside Make Real immersive partnerships director Sam Watts and Tiny Rebel Games executive producer Susan Cummings for a discussion on whether XR gaming is ready to conquer the world.

Comics, films, music - are they just inspiration, or the true future of IP in games? HipHopGamer, also known as Gerard Williams, discusses with a panel.

Zen Republic CEO Thomas Tumosa leads a session on all things to do with the metaverse, arguing that it could be the internet 2.0. co-founder and CEO Guy Gadney discusses whether indie developer kits, cloud gaming, UGC and metaverse platforms are the way of the future with a specialist panel.

What does the future of gaming look like? Gold Standard Gaming marketing director Sebastian Burton, Corporation Service Company digital brand strategist Gianni Maiorano and Schell Games public relations manager Kat De Shields-Moon debate on a panel.

AppsFlyer director of product - gaming Adam Smart discusses with a panel of experts how cloud gaming and new platforms change gaming as we know it.

Konvoy Ventures managing partner Jason Chapman and Wiggin associate India Atkin go beyond the hype of gaming NFTs and look to explore the latest phenomenon in the industry with a panel of other expert speakers.

How is a successful blockchain game different from a successful standard game? VP of business development and marketing David Kim discusses with a panel.

If you’d like to hear more about the spaces beyond mobile, make sure you bookmark our brand new website, as we continue to explore the frontiers and future of the $200 billion games industry and how it intersects with other creative industries.

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