TakeOne score major brand-power with the release of the BLACKPINK game

The high-value branding deal allows players to play as the manager of the hit Korean girl band

TakeOne score major brand-power with the release of the BLACKPINK game

Blackpink the Game, Takeone’s new mobile title in collaboration with YG Entertainment based on the Korean idol group, releases today.

The game, announced earlier this year, will launch on the global market and follows the standard format of idol games, with the player taking the role of a manager for the real-life idols in the BLACKPINK group. Takeone also promises an exclusive music video by the real-life band will be revealed in-game to accompany the soundtrack which features tracks from the band.

CEO of TakeOne Company, Min Chae Jung commented “We tried to create a game that captures the charm of global artist BLACKPINK as much as possible.

“We plan to capture the hearts of both the global K-Pop fandom and casual gamers at the same time with a differentiated game that has never been seen before.”

In a statement YG Entertainment added,“BLACKPINK THE GAME, which the members have worked on for a long time, has finally been unveiled.

“We hope it will be a new experience for global fans to commune with BLACKPINK beyond listening to their music and enjoying it.”


TakeOne have also worked on mobile titles for another K-pop supergroup, BTS. With the band on hiatus as the members undertake mandatory military service in South Korea, the BLACKPINK deal has given them familiar territory to explore, with a whole new concept and audience. BLACKPINK are perhaps not as well-known abroad, but are certainly comparable in terms of sales and appeal in their own homeland with the potential to go as global as BTS did.

It’s also clear that Takeone wants to throw a wide net with this release, as this is not simply a regional release but a simultaneous worldwide drop. The high number of merchandising opportunities, such as photocards and the aforementioned music video being unveiled, certainly indicates that both Takeone and YG Entertainment want the game to make a big splash.

If it does stand out, observers will be closely watching to see just what sort of boost mobile can give to musicians. Something we’ve seen recently with stars like the Jonas Brothers and their collaboration with Candy Crush Saga and a new stream of mobile-fuelled promotion and revenue as music profits decline.

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