Hutch celebrates fifth anniversary of Top Drives with new short film

The studio published the automotive card-collector game in 2017

Hutch celebrates fifth anniversary of Top Drives with new short film

UK mobile developer Hutch celebrates the fifth anniversary of their Top Drives title this week, with a short film to celebrate.

Top Drives, a collectible card game that allows players to pit the vehicles they collect against other players’, remains one of Hutch’s top performing titles. The short film “Top Drives: 5 years in the making” is intended to showcase the development process from a simple interactive spreadsheet to the fully-fledged title on mobile today.

Chief creative officer at Hutch, Jonathan Alpine offered his own thoughts on Top Drives and how it shaped the company. “In the early days of the game, nobody at Hutch could have predicted where we are today. There were even times where the threat of driving Hutch into bankruptcy kept us awake at night! But Top Drives, thanks to both the creativity of our team and the outstanding community behind the game, has become a breakout success story,” he said.

Flagship titles

Given what Alpine says about Top Drives saving the company from bankruptcy it’s no surprise that Hutch wants to celebrate their title. The short film also goes a way towards dramatising what many perceive as the dry process of game development. It's a great way to promote the game, the company and pay respect to the success they’ve had thanks to its release.

Hutch has built a successful brand around the racing genre. F1 Clash is their latest title, and other activities such as participating in charity events and establishing a four-day work-week have gone some way to establishing Hutch prime mover in the UK mobile games industry, an industry that was most recently valued at a massive £7.05bn.

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