Hutch to partner with Forza's Turn 10 for standalone racing game

The studio behind Top Drives is set to tackle working with Microsoft's top driving team

Hutch to partner with Forza's Turn 10 for standalone racing game

Hutch, developer behind Top Drives, is set to partner with Turn 10, the studio behind the acclaimed Forza series.

The two studios are set to collaborate on an as-yet unnamed project that will be a standalone game for mobile, not connected to the existing Forza franchise. Hutch will be leading development on the title and leveraging their experience, with creative input and guidance from Turn 10. From what we know so far, car customization is will be a central mechanic in the title, with more details set to be unveiled soon.

CEO and co-founder of Hutch, Shaun Rutland added, “Our philosophy for game development is mobile first, with gameplay experiences that work for players on this platform. We’re committed to creating strategic games that enable our community of players to celebrate their passion for cars.

"It’s that same passion for cars, as well as creating platform leading titles about cars, that brought us together with Turn 10. Coming together to work on a title made immediate sense and we’re incredibly excited to show you the results of our last few years of collaboration.”

Major moto moves

Given that Hutch has a wealth of experience in mobile, especially in racing games - such as their groundbreaking title Top Drives - it's no surprise that Turn 10 chose to partner with them. But it's still a major coup for Hutch, as the Forza series is arguably one of the best-known driving franchises in video game history. Even moreso is that Hutch is taking the lead and leveraging Turn 10's experience for what is sure to be a truly innovative title.

According to Hutch and Top 10 the two studios had been in talks to collaborate since 2020. With Hutch celebrating the five-year anniversary of Top Drives it seems their birthday present is a major partnership with one of Microsoft's premier game studios.

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