UK video games research set to explore economic value of game industry

The research will cover all platforms including mobile

UK video games research set to explore economic value of game industry

The UK government has for the first time set out a framework for supporting research into the video game industry on all platforms.

The framework sets out three specific chapters; “research topics & priorities”, “research standards & methodologies”, “data ethics, data privacy & data sharing”. Each of which acts to give basic guidance for researchers on a variety of areas including topics to cover, how to handle data in accordance with GDPR and how to conduct research.

“The overall objective of the Framework is to facilitate and promote high quality independent research on video games and emerging game-related technologies. This research will generate new and diverse evidence to support and inform players, the games industry, academics and the government about video games and the future development and growth of the video games sector,” the framework reads.

Creating the framework is part of a broad step towards more official observance and consideration of the UK games industry and its significance towards culture, society and the economy. It follows on from new tax relief being introduced for the games industry in the recent UK budget. Games industry trade body TIGA were quick to endorse the new framework.

TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson, commented, “The Video Games Research Framework should be a valuable tool for conducting research in the video games sector. TIGA is pleased to see this framework in place and looks forward to seeing it used as a guide for advancing understanding in this dynamic and world-leading industry.”

Not just about data

One of the perennial stories we have covered is Tiga’s calls for greater investment into the UK gaming industry to keep it competitive worldwide. UK tax relief was hailed as a major step towards that, and the framework for academic research encourages more analysis of the gaming industry and hopefully more investment in its health from the government.

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