ChatGPT app reaches 351,000 downloads in the UK

The generative AI platform has proved a winner in mobile app form

ChatGPT app reaches 351,000 downloads in the UK

Generative AI tool ChatGPT's official iOS app has reached 5 million downloads globally, and 351,000 in the UK, as of June 2023.

The latest information from points to the popularity of the tool - which allows users to generate text-based results for a number of prompts - as it made the transition to mobile. The app has seen numerous spin-offs and copycats, which left many predicting the popularity of an official release once it hit mobile.

It seems that these predictions have come true.

Elsewhere in the world, ChatGPT has been a frontrunner in Japan, with 683k downloads. The app's popularity indicates that regardless of location there is a significant interest in the tool, likely due to the immense upsurge in interest in AI with ChatGPT being the 'go to' example of the tech in action. It seems that publicity both and bad for AI as a phenomena has mobile audience's keen to discover for themselves what the benefits and threats may be.


Artificial intelligence, or generative AI, in its current form remains a controversial topic for many. But discussions around its use in everything from writing to game development are ongoing. With some mobile game developers such as Kwalee are incorporating the tech into their existing design process, allowing teams to make shared use of AI resources. While some in creative industries such as art have taken issue with the use of existing images being used without permission to trade models such as Midjourney.

One person not worrying about AI replacing game devs is CEO at iLoogo studios Nikolay Minaiev, who in an interview with guest author Alexander Goldybin in his ongoing series, has good news for worried creatives. “While AI has made significant advancements in various fields, including game development, it is unlikely that AI can completely replace game developers in the near future. Game development is a highly creative and multidisciplinary process that involves various aspects, such as storytelling, art design, gameplay mechanics, level design, and sound engineering," he comments.

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