Lilith Games’ Warpath crosses 30 million downloads globally

The WW2-inspired title is one of a number of Lilith’s RTS hits

Lilith Games’ Warpath crosses 30 million downloads globally

Lilith Games’ WW2-inspired strategy title Warpath has passed 30 million downloads on PC and mobile, the company has reported.

Lilith Games are well known not only for Warpath but a number of their other titles including Rise of Kingdoms and AFK Arena, many of which have leveraged extensive advertising campaigns to build their public profile. Lilith have invested time and energy into keeping Warpath on track, with it now reaching 4.6 out of 5 in ratings on iOS and being a consistent feature on the front page.

Lilith Games has previously committed to a resolution to help promote Chinese culture yet, ironically Warpath takes a large amount of inspiration from European World War Two. However, other games in the company’s portfolio, such as Rise of Kingdoms, include many elements of Chinese culture. It’s likely that Warpath’s success indicates that the game resonates more with an international audience, where Lilith has found a great deal of success.

What’s the takeaway?

Aside from being evidence of Lilith Games’ continued success, this latest milestone also indicates that there’s a significant niche for historical games on mobile. While Lilith's other games such as Rise of Kingdoms follow a more broad historical aesthetic, it's unusual to see something like World War Two become such a smash hit. But it seems by following their patented formula Lilith has swung this game into a great success.

As the company recently passed its tenth anniversary, we can see that their strategy so far is effective, but that there’s still a lot of space for them to grow further. Visibility for their titles is extremely high thanks to an extensive marketing campaign on platforms like YouTube, but mobile remains a battleground, and whether Warpath or Rise of Kingdoms can conquer it is up to how Lilith continues to navigate the currently stormy market.

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