It's official. Latvians use more mobile data than the residents of any other country

The country’s citizens use an average of 41.76 gigabytes per month. Want to know where your country ranked? The results are surprising…

It's official. Latvians use more mobile data than the residents of any other country

Latvian mobile users use the most data. That's according to data from Atlas VPN who examined countries within what it refers to as 'the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)'.

Latvian mobile users use a not inconsiderable 41.76 gigabytes per month per mobile broadband subscription, being attibuted to the country’s widespread access to high-speed mobile networks and unlimited data plans.

Finland came in second place, with an average of 40.07 gigabytes, while Austria came in third place with 30.27 gigabytes. Only one non-European country ranks among the top ten - Chile, with an average of 18.97 gigabytes per month, placing it in ninth place above Sweden (18.84 gigabytes).

The data notes that the average mobile data usage among OECD countries is 9 gigabytes per month per device. Some of the world’s biggest gaming markets such as the USA, the UK, and Germany, all fall below this average.

“Mobile connectivity is convenient, but it can lead to overuse and dependency,” said Atlas VPN cybersecurity writer Villus Kardelis. “Moderation and balance are essential. As networks continue improving globally, average mobile usage rates will likely rise. The future will undoubtedly bring innovations integrating mobile technology even deeper into our lifestyles.”

A connected world

As well as examining the use of mobile data worldwide, the data also identifies insights into how that data is used worldwide.

The average Estonian has, on average, around two mobile broadband subscriptions, with 204.1 for every 100 inhabitants of the country. The report notes that “Estonia’s citizens extensively use mobile networks not just for smartphones but also for other internet-connected devices.” With 96% internet penetration, enabling the widespread adoption of mobile technology.

SImilarly Japan, an early adopter of mobile technology, had slightly below two subscriptions per person, on average, with 196.5 for every 100 inhabitants. The United States came in third place with 176 subscriptions for every 100 inhabitants, highlighting the prevalence of mobile-adjacent devices such as tablets or smartwatches.


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