Team17 CEO Michael Pattison departs ahead of consultancy and restructure

Significant layoffs are expected at the game maker as teams enter a "period of consultancy"

Team17 CEO Michael Pattison departs ahead of consultancy and restructure

Worms publisher Team17 has announced the beginning of a "period of consultancy" ahead of a restructure. The restructure, announced this morning, is likely to result in significant layoffs.

Among those who have left the company is Team17 Digital CEO Michael Pattison. Speaking to VG247, a spokesperson of the compant said: “In response to the reports concerning the departure of Michael Pattison from Team17, we can confirm we have amicably parted ways with Michael. We can also confirm that we have sadly entered into a period of consultation today within Team17 Digital, with Astragon and Storytoys remaining unaffected by the restructuring plans.”

Astragon and Storytoys' seeming avoidance of any job losses speaks to the strength of both companies, and both have significant presences of mobile. Astragon is a leading publisher of simulation titles, including mobile hits such as Construction Simulator 2, while Storytoys is a leading developer of educational apps for children.

What happens next?

Pattison's role is expected to be filled by commercial operations director Ann Hurley. At an emergency town hall this morning, Hurley stated: "As explained in today’s announcement, we have just communicated our half year results showing strong growth for the Group in the first half of the year. This reflects the success of our diverse portfolio strategy, and the commitment and expertise of our people in all that we do.

"However, we recognise these results were against the backdrop of one of the most competitive years for high quality launches and deep peer discounting that the industry has ever seen. Within our Group, Team17 Digital in particular has felt the pressure of these challenges, as have many companies in our industry."

Team17's quality assurance team is the most heavily affected, with as many as 50 members of staff losing their jobs. It's unclear at the moment to what extent other departments will be impacted.

In June, Steve Bell was appointed to the role of CEO of Team17.

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