Stumble Guys new Stumble Workshop opens the UGC floodgates

The game's new Workshop is rolling out now, allowing players to build their own content to share with fans around the world

Stumble Guys new Stumble Workshop opens the UGC floodgates

Stumble Guys fans are taking over the party. That’s the new surprise play from Stumble Guys creators Scopely as they open up content and level creation skills to their millions of players with the all-new in-game Stumble Workshop.

Now fans of the game - and its many themed, special event levels and promotions - can be part of the action and create their own games and experiences within the Stumble Guys universe and share them with the community for everyone to enjoy.

Courses can be designed, built and shared all within the app with the intention of expanding an all-new ’Stumbleverse’ with the power and audience to allow the game to take the next step as - potentially - a Roblox-style creation platform in addition to hugely popular gaming experience.

“This transformative addition to one of the world’s most beloved mobile games marks another monumental step in empowering the global “Stumble Guys” community to play, create, compete and connect on their own terms, with their imaginations as the only limit,” promises Scopely.

The new platform will be rolling out gradually, beginning this month with more and more creators being invited to join in the fun and contribute in monthly and quarterly updates.

Simple and easy, powerful and fun

We’re promised a flexible editing platform, easily adjustable sizing and physics controls, granting players of all skills the ability to create courses as complex as those already delighting players all around the world. Users can begin with existing levels and build and add to them, or start with a blank slate and place objects to create never-before-seen or played levels with a personal touch.

Items can be upscaled or shrank and even fine control such as the speed of spinning obstacles are now in the hands of players. In short - on the surface at least - it looks like the self same set of tools that the developers use to make courses has just been gifted to their fans.

During the initial rollout, players can select from more than 30 placeable objects and obstacles as they design levels, and then test their creations before sharing with friends and the community.

We’ll have more news on the rollout and its reception as it happens.

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