PG Connects Advent Calendar: A Daily Festive Treat

Celebrate the festive season with a special treat each day from Pocket Gamer Connects. Click through to find today's surprise…

PG Connects Advent Calendar: A Daily Festive Treat

We're kicking off December with our 'PG Connects Advent Calendar 2023'.

Every day you'll find a Connects-related update inside, full of joy and fun!

Each day unveils a new treasure trove of insights, innovations, and surprises within the ever-evolving realm of gaming and technology. As we count down the days to festivities and celebration, PG Connects invites you on a thrilling journey through 24 captivating windows of industry excellence.

Something for everyone 

Immerse yourself in a daily spectacle of exclusive content, featuring expert interviews, cutting-edge trends, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the minds shaping the future of games... And there's a daily gift too…

Prepare to be enchanted, surprised, and enlightened - let the PG Connects Advent Calendar unlock the power of knowledge one window at a time!

If you've not yet registered for the upcoming conferences you can do so at PG Connects London or PG Connects San Francisco.

Check back every day 'til Christmas for fun insights about our upcoming events and to get a better idea of what we have in store for you. You won’t want to miss a day!

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  • DAY 1 - Great giveaway! Save 10% on PGC tickets

    DAY 1 - Great giveaway! Save 10% on PGC tickets logo

    To kick off the holiday celebrations we’re offering a special gift to all our readers of an exclusive discount on upcoming PG Connects events.

    Join us at our flagship conference in London on January 22nd and 23rd where we’ll be kicking off a year of celebrations as PG Connects reaches a decade of international conference events.

    Followed by our long awaited return to San Francisco on March 18th and 19th, taking place just before GDC and in partnership with MeetToMatch offering not only two days of insightful content but also five days of access to the meeting platform ensuring top rate networking opportunities.

    Take full advantage of all Pocket Gamer Connects has to offer with the discount code ‘ADVENT2024’ and secure a bargain of 10% off PG Connects London and 10% off PG Connects San Francisco before midnight on Sunday 3rd December!

  • DAY 2 - Join us in January to celebrate our PGC 10 year anniversary!

    DAY 2 - Join us in January to celebrate our PGC 10 year anniversary! logo

    As we're on the countdown to the festive season, day two is a double feature, looking back at how far PGConnects has come over the last 10 years since the first ever Connects conference in 2014!

    See some of the highlights of 10 incredible years of conferences in this highlight reel:
    Celebrating 10 YEARS of Pocket Gamer Connects

    And for an extra special treat get to know a bit more about how PG Connects came into existence from the people who made it happen, our illustrious founders, in this video interview!
    Celebrating 10 Years of Pocket Gamer Connects: The Story Behind the Brand

    Reasons to attend:

    • We’re the UK’s largest games industry event
    • We've been running the Connects international conference series since 2014 – that's 45 events in the UK, North America, Finland, The Middle East… and more!
    • For London 2024 we'll have 2,500+ delegates from every corner of the industry – indies, dev studios, publishers, c-level executives, investors, service providers, hardware manufacturers, students, media and more
    • Full international representation with over 55 nationalities in attendance
    • 950+ companies ranging from the biggest names to promising start-ups
    • More than 200 speakers with some of the finest minds delivering the sharpest insight
    • A 28-track programme consisting of 56+ hours of content, from classic topics monetisation strategies, market overviews and indie success stories to newcomers influencers, ICOs and eSports
    • A bustling expo area showcasing the latest unmissable – and often undiscovered – talent
    • Big Indie Pitch competitions set to unearth 'the next big thing'
    • More than 5,000 business encounters through our bespoke meeting system
    • Networking-tastic options, from arranged encounters to a fully restructured scheduling to the renowned Global Connects after-party, everything is centred on you making the connections that matter

  • DAY 3 - Networking Opportunities Galore!

    DAY 3 - Networking Opportunities Galore! logo

    It's day three of our advent calendar and today is another big one!

    Networking is a key feature of any PG Connects event and PG Connect London 2024 has more networking opportunities than ever before!

    • Publisher SpeedMatch - Curated 121 meetings between developers and publishers to help find your ‘match made in business heaven’
    • Investor Connector - Dedicated one-on-one meetings with investors and VCs looking to spend the right kind of money in the right sector.
    • Big Indie Zone - The best place for indie developers to showcase their games at the heart of the conference space
    • The Very Big Indie Pitch - A chance for indie developers engage in a pitching competition for fame, media coverage and a very special trophy
    • Launchpad - Shine a spotlight on your latest creation, whether its a product game or service, in front of an audience of media, and industry professionals
    • Journalist Bar - Pre-book an appointment for valuable 1 on 1 time with PG Biz journalists
    • Kick Off Party - Start your PG Connects experience early, catch up with old friends and make new ones as we prepare for the conference to start
    • Global Connects Party - this is where the real networking happens - review day one of PG Connects in a relaxed environment
    • MeetToMatch - Get a head start on networking by setting up meetings via our dedicated online platform when it goes live, register for your ticket now to be first in line when platform goes live.
    • Follow us on Socials - Get all the highlights and latest goes on via our social media profiles and connect with other attendees in the comments.

    There are so many ways to get more out of your conference experience and it's all included in the price of your ticket.

  • DAY 4 - An Extra Special Bonus to Your PG Connects Ticket

    DAY 4 - An Extra Special Bonus to Your PG Connects Ticket logo

    It's day four of our festive celebrations and today we’re looking ahead to March 2024 when PG Connects heads to San Francisco, taking place on the 18th and 19th of March, just ahead of GDC.

    This edition of PG Connects will be extra special as attendees will not only get to experience two days of jam packed conference content, but we’ve also partnered with MeetToMatch too.

    This means that attendees will not only get two days of insightful conference content but also extended networking opportunities via complimentary access for a remarkable five days, seamlessly extending across the entire duration of both PG Connects and GDC. 

    Now you can use MeetToMatch at PG Connects AND your visit to GDC!

    MeetToMatch has been the industry's preferred meeting platform since 2017, and now, its San Francisco Edition adds an extra layer of networking opportunities. The online meeting schedule access comes bundled with your PG Connects San Francisco ticket, currently available at Early Bird prices for a limited time.

    Seize this chance to secure your spot and immerse yourself in a dynamic community of games industry professionals. Join us in San Francisco for an unforgettable convergence of industry insights, networking, and innovation. Don't miss out - act now!



  • DAY 5 - The Secret to PGC's Success

    DAY 5 - The Secret to PGC's Success logo

    On this fifth day of the holiday season, we're putting the spotlight on the heart of PG Connects—your experiences!
    As integral members of our PG Connects family, you, our attendees, are the driving force behind the continuous growth and success of our events so we’re continuing with our PGC Stories series to shine a light on all of you!

    We've already received a plethora of submissions, each narrating unique experiences that have contributed to the vibrant tapestry of PG Connects. Check out a glimpse of these stories on our website, and delve deeper into the background of these submissions through our PGC Stories editorial series.

    So many great PGC events. From attending the first event back in 2014 I’ve been a huge supporter of Chris and his team. Some great memories presenting at the inaugural PGC London, to DJing in Dubai, climbing the cliffs of Petra, gambling in Seattle, partying in San Francisco and even when covid came along had the first virtual event about Web3 and blockchain games.
    Never stop PGC team, you guys rock!” Tony Pearce - Rewality+

    PGC 2017 London was a cornerstone of my career in the industry. I met the Wrecking Crew and it literally changed my life and career. I made the best of industry friends there, and I am in contact with all of them to this day. My life would not be the same without that random chance meeting where I was adopted into their amazing friendship and group.” Manny Hachey - Threaks

    It's not too late to add your own chapter to this collection. Share your memories, whether they're about your inaugural PGC event, forging crucial business connections, or unforgettable moments from our lively parties and mixers. Your stories make PG Connects a truly extraordinary gathering, and we can't wait to hear and celebrate them all!

  • DAY 6 - PG Connects Gets Social

    DAY 6 - PG Connects Gets Social logo

    Welcome to the sixth day of December where we become your gateway to a month-long celebration of industry insights and festive surprises with our advent calendar!

    Today we dive into the heart of the games community with the PG Connects social media channels, as we unwrap a daily array of exclusive content via our social media platforms to connect you with the pulse of games innovation.

    Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay in the loop as we share expert interviews, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and real-time updates on the latest trends shaping the games landscape. Engage with fellow enthusiasts, industry leaders, and the PG Connects community through interactive posts and discussions, creating a virtual space where ideas flourish.

    Join the conversation using our dedicated hashtag #pgconnects and immerse yourself in a global dialogue about the future of games. Whether you're a developer, entrepreneur, or simply a games enthusiast, our social media channels are your passport to an interactive experience that transcends boundaries.

    Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to connect, collaborate, and celebrate the spirit of games together. Follow PG Connects on social media, and let us be your daily portal into a world where every like, share, and comment opens the door to new possibilities in the ever-evolving realm of games. Unleash the power of community—join us on social media, and let the games festivities begin!

  • DAY 7 - The Investment Opportunity You've Been Waiting For

    DAY 7 - The Investment Opportunity You've Been Waiting For logo

    Day seven of our advent calendar is all about the match-making extravaganza that is Investor Connector - a key component of any of our Pocket Gamer Connects events.

    It's a pivotal networking opportunity, bridging the realms of innovation and investment within the dynamic landscape of PG Connects. It's there as a catalyst for meaningful connections, bringing together visionary game developers and prospective investors in a synergy of possibilities.

    At the heart of Investor Connector is a commitment to facilitating collaboration that fuels the growth of groundbreaking games projects. In short, game developers gain exclusive access to a curated network of potential investors, unlocking doors to funding, mentorship, and strategic partnerships.

    And it's all done via a bespoke matchmaking process that ensures that developers find investors whose vision aligns seamlessly with their creative endeavours.

    Investor Connector at PG Connects is not merely a meeting ground; it is the nexus where dreams transform into reality.  As the games industry continues to soar to new heights, Investor Connector stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in shaping the future of games.

    Find out more here.

  • DAY 8 - New and Exciting Content at PG Connects London

    DAY 8 - New and Exciting Content at PG Connects London logo

    It's advent calendar day eight so get ready to embark on a cutting-edge journey at PG Connects London with an array of exciting new tracks that delve deep into the pulse of the games industry. One such trailblazing track is "Digital Policy Decoded," offering a roadmap to navigate the evolving media landscape post the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act. Decode the intricacies of these regulations and gain insights into how they shape the future of the digital realm.

    Venture into the realm of "Hybrid Casual Hype," a track that unveils the secrets behind the success of hybrid casual games. Explore the delicate balance of simplicity and depth, user-friendly accessibility, and the art of retaining users through effective monetization strategies. Delve into the future potential of this genre and understand why it's capturing the attention of gamers worldwide.

    "IP Unlocked" is another fascinating track that beckons exploration. Uncover the potential and pitfalls of licensing and working with intellectual property, unlocking the global power of iconic franchises. This track promises a comprehensive journey into the intricate world of intellectual property in games.

    Additional new tracks covering content ranging from webstore dynamics and monetisation to user-generated content and creative insights from top UK companies. These new tracks at PG Connects London promise to be a captivating expedition, providing attendees with invaluable insights and strategies to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the games industry. Get ready to decode, explore, and unlock the limitless possibilities that await in the world of games innovation.

  • DAY 9 - Trailblazing Speakers Head to London in January

    DAY 9 - Trailblazing Speakers Head to London in January logo

    As we embark on day nine of the advent calendar we look at how PG Connects London is proud to showcase an unparalleled lineup of industry luminaries and visionaries, shaping the future of the games landscape. Our carefully curated selection of speakers comprises trailblazers, thought leaders, and experts, each bringing a wealth of experience and insight to the forefront.

    Among the distinguished speakers is Sophie Vo, founder at Rise and Play, a renowned figure in the industry. With a track record of groundbreaking achievements in conscious leadership, Sophie is set to share invaluable perspectives on psychological safety during their session.

    Additionally, we are thrilled to host Celine Pasula, Managing Director at Ubisoft Redlynx, a pioneer in mobile development, known for mobile and PC/Console unification. Celine’s expertise in fostering collaboration promises to deliver a captivating session, providing attendees with a deep dive into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the games ecosystem.

    These are just a glimpse of the extraordinary lineup of speakers at PG Connects London. From seasoned industry veterans to emerging trailblazers, each speaker contributes a unique perspective, collectively shaping the narrative of the games industry's future. Prepare to be inspired, informed, and engaged as these thought leaders take the stage to share their unparalleled insights at PG Connects London.

  • DAY 10 - An Opportunity For Indie Developers

    DAY 10 - An Opportunity For Indie Developers logo

    On day ten of our advent calendar we shine a spotlight on the Indie Expo Table Competition, a thrilling opportunity to be part of the Big Indie Zone at PG Connects London! This competition is a celebration of indie game developers, offering a chance to showcase their creativity and innovation to a global audience.

    For indie developers seeking a platform to shine, the Indie Expo Table Competition provides a complimentary exhibition space, placing them directly in the spotlight of one of the most vibrant and diverse games events in the world. It's a golden ticket to not only present your game but to connect with industry professionals, potential collaborators, and fellow indie enthusiasts.

    The Big Indie Zone is a dynamic space pulsating with the energy of indie games innovation. From immersive gameplay experiences to unique narratives, indie developers participating in the Indie Expo Table Competition have the opportunity to captivate the audience, garner attention, and potentially unlock doors to new partnerships and opportunities.

    This competition encapsulates the spirit of PG Connects London, where the games community comes together to celebrate creativity, diversity, and the boundless potential of indie game development. Don't miss your chance to be part of this exciting journey, as the Indie Expo Table Competition propels indie developers into the limelight, creating a stage for their games to shine amidst the global games community.

  • DAY 11 - Step Up To The Plate and Get Ready To Pitch

    DAY 11 - Step Up To The Plate and Get Ready To Pitch logo

    Day 11 on our advent calendar presents an adrenaline-fueled showcase of creativity and innovation at PG Connects London with the Very Big Indie Pitch!

    This thrilling competition is the ultimate platform for indie game developers to pitch their groundbreaking projects to a panel of expert judges and a captivated audience.

    The Very Big Indie Pitch is more than a competition; it's an opportunity for indie developers to shine in the spotlight, receiving invaluable feedback from industry veterans and potential investors. With a format that combines speed pitching and networking, participants have a limited time to impress the judges and stand out in the crowded indie games landscape.

    This high-stakes event unfolds within the dynamic atmosphere of PG Connects London, where the games industry's brightest minds converge. Developers not only gain exposure for their projects but also have the chance to forge meaningful connections with publishers, investors, and fellow indie enthusiasts.

    The Very Big Indie Pitch embodies the spirit of PG Connects, fostering an environment of collaboration, discovery, and celebration of indie games innovation. For those seeking to make a mark in the industry, this competition is the gateway to recognition and potential partnerships. Don't miss the chance to be part of this exhilarating showcase that defines the pulse of indie games at PG Connects London!

  • DAY 12 - Get To Know The Venue For PG Connects London

    DAY 12 - Get To Know The Venue For PG Connects London logo

    On day 12 of our advent calendar it's time to explore the spectacular venue set to host the milestone 10th edition of PG Connects London - a celebration of a decade of global events dedicated to supporting the games industry. Enter The Brewery, a premier event venue nestled in the City of London and our cherished host since 2016.

    Renowned for its unrivalled charm, The Brewery has consistently garnered the highest praise from attendees, making it the quintessential choice for Pocket Gamer Connects events. This versatile three-level space not only embodies sophistication but also ensures a seamless and fully functional environment for each unique Connects experience.

    Stepping outside The Brewery's doors, you'll find yourself in a neighbourhood teeming with cultural gems, gastronomic delights, and architectural wonders. Immerse yourself in the eclectic blend of old-world charm and contemporary energy that defines the surroundings. Whether you choose to explore historic landmarks, indulge in culinary adventures, or simply soak in the dynamic atmosphere, The Brewery's location in London adds an extra layer of excitement to your PG Connects experience.

    Strategically situated for accessibility, The Brewery becomes the nexus where innovation and celebration intersect. Its history of hosting PG Connects events stands as a testament to its commitment to providing an unparalleled setting for industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and celebrate the evolution of games. Join us at The Brewery as we raise a toast to a decade of PG Connects events, marking a milestone in our shared journey within the dynamic realm of the games industry. Cheers to ten years and beyond!

  • DAY 13 - Celebrate the PG Awards Winners

    DAY 13 - Celebrate the PG Awards Winners  logo

    In an exhilarating culmination of anticipation and excellence, day 13 of our advent calendar marks the announcement of the PG Awards winners, a showcase of the industry's finest achievements and innovations. The PG Awards serve as a prestigious acknowledgment of outstanding contributions within the games sphere, spotlighting visionaries and trailblazers who have shaped the games landscape.

    The winners spanned diverse categories, honouring achievements in game design, innovation, storytelling, and technological breakthroughs. Each recipient stands out as a beacon of creativity and dedication, embodying the spirit of innovation that propels the games industry forward.

    From indie gems that captured hearts to AAA titles that set new standards, the PG Awards winners represent a tapestry of brilliance that defines the current state of games. The announcement resonated across the global games community, igniting conversations and celebrations within the industry.

    As we congratulate the winners, we also applaud the collective spirit of ingenuity that defines the games world. The PG Awards serve not only as a moment of recognition but as a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of an industry that continues to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide. Cheers to the winners and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead in the ever-evolving realm of games!

  • DAY 14 - Experience all San Francisco Has To Offer

    DAY 14 - Experience all San Francisco Has To Offer logo

    It's advent calendar day 14 so let's delve into the dynamic world of PG Connects in San Francisco, a city known for its tech innovation and cultural diversity. While there you should consider extending your adventure beyond the conference walls and the following Game Developers Conference (GDC), to explore the iconic landmarks and experiences that define the Bay Area.

    As the games community converges in San Francisco, seize the opportunity to traverse the city's treasures. Wander through the sprawling Golden Gate Park, uncover the history of Alcatraz Island, and traverse the iconic Golden Gate Bridge for panoramic views of the city. Dive into the cultural richness of neighbourhoods like Chinatown and the Mission District, where diverse experiences await, from art galleries to culinary delights.

    From tech marvels at the Computer History Museum to the immersive wonders of the Exploratorium, San Francisco caters to varied interests. As you savour the city's culinary scene and embrace its natural beauty, each adventure becomes a vibrant chapter in your San Francisco journey, blending the excitement of PG Connects with the cultural kaleidoscope of this extraordinary city, its an experience not to be missed!

  • DAY 15 - A Chance for Attendees of PG Connects London to Connect with the Media

    DAY 15 - A Chance for Attendees of PG Connects London to Connect with the Media logo

    Embark on day 15 of the advent calendar and with it a game-changing journey at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2024, where the myriad reasons to attend extend far beyond the typical conference offerings. While networking, workshops, panels, and parties create a vibrant tapestry, for developers crafting the next gaming sensation, there's an invaluable opportunity—the chance to meet the press.

    Our editorial team from, the industry's longest-running and premier b2c mobile gaming site, will be in attendance, led by Deputy Editor Stephen Gregson-Wood. For indie developers, this presents a golden opportunity to propel your game into the limelight.

    Recognizing the challenges of connecting with journalists amidst the event hustle, we introduce the Journalist Bar—a curated space to engage with the Pocket Gamer consumer team. Writers and editors will be available for 15-minute appointments to explore your games, with mornings reserved for appointments and afternoons open for walk-ins.

    To secure your slot and ensure a Pocket Gamer team member awaits your arrival, schedule an appointment for Monday or Tuesday mornings. For those unable to book a morning slot, the Journalist Bar welcomes drop-ins during the afternoons. While specific coverage post-meeting can't be guaranteed, it's an invaluable opportunity for instant feedback from experienced editors and reviewers. Seize the chance to elevate your game's visibility—your journey to gaming stardom begins at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2024! 

  • DAY 16 - Make Your Plans for London with Overview Schedule

    DAY 16 - Make Your Plans for London with Overview Schedule logo

    As the anticipation steadily builds for the peak of the festive season and also for PG Connects London, it's time for the conference planning to start. So get to know what's planned for attendees, with a sneak peek into the meticulously crafted schedule that promises to define the pulse of the mobile games industry in 2024.
    The overview schedule, now accessible, serves as a valuable tool for attendees to initiate their event planning. It provides a snapshot of the diverse array of sessions, workshops, panels, and networking opportunities that await exploration. From cutting-edge discussions on emerging technologies to hands-on workshops empowering developers with the latest tools, every aspect of the games ecosystem is strategically woven into the fabric of the schedule.
    And that's not all – stay tuned for a more detailed version set to drop in the new year. This comprehensive update will unveil the finer nuances of each session, shedding light on the industry luminaries set to grace the stage, the in-depth topics that will be explored, and the networking events that promise to foster connections within the vibrant games community.

    So, as we inch closer to PG Connects London, the release of the overview schedule is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities. Get ready to plan your days, dive into transformative discussions, and chart the course for a future where games innovation knows no bounds. The journey begins with the schedule – your guide to a dynamic and immersive PG Connects experience awaits!

  • DAY 17 - Meet Your Dream Business Match

    DAY 17 - Meet Your Dream Business Match  logo

    Immerse yourself in the fast-paced world of gaming collaboration with the Publisher SpeedMatch at PG Connects London and San Francisco. This innovative and dynamic event is a game-changer for developers seeking publishing opportunities and publishers scouting for the next big hit.

    The Publisher SpeedMatch is a curated matchmaking experience where developers and publishers engage in rapid-fire, one-on-one meetings, creating an environment conducive to exploring potential partnerships efficiently. It's a unique opportunity for developers to pitch their games directly to a lineup of carefully selected publishers, receiving real-time feedback and forging connections that could shape the trajectory of their projects.

    For publishers, it's a front-row seat to the most promising games, a chance to discover hidden gems, and the opportunity to expand their portfolio with fresh and innovative content. The speed and precision of these meetings ensure that both parties can maximise their time, making valuable connections that might have taken weeks to establish in a traditional setting.

    Publisher SpeedMatch encapsulates the essence of PG Connects — a convergence of talent, innovation, and collaboration. As the games industry's brightest minds come together, this event promises to be a catalyst for exciting partnerships and groundbreaking game releases. Strap in for a high-energy experience where connections are made at the speed of innovation!

  • DAY 18 - Game Changing Insights in the US

    DAY 18 - Game Changing Insights in the US logo

    On advent calendar day 18 embark on an illuminating journey at PG Connects San Francisco as we unveil a diverse array of tracks that mirror the dynamic landscape of the games industry. "AI Advances" promises to be a highlight, exploring the transformative power of machine learning and artificial intelligence across art, scriptwriting, and programming, redefining the very essence of game creation and communication.

    Delve into the world of "Alternative Revenue Models," discovering innovative approaches to boost revenue generation. "The Developer Toolkit" offers essential, practical advice for burgeoning developers, covering all facets of game creation. In "GameDev Stories," industry stalwarts share their experiences, innovations, and invaluable lessons learned.

    "Global Trends" provides a panoramic view of industry trends from East to West, offering insights and figures that shape the global games landscape. "Incredible Indies" focuses on survival and success strategies for smaller studios in today's competitive development arena.

    Explore "Industry Visions & Values," delving into building a better games industry and fostering a more positive future. "Monetiser" provides focused insights into maximising advertising formats, in-app purchases, and other monetization strategies. "Show Me The Money" offers practical guidance on securing the funding that can make a difference, while "The Growth Track" imparts essential wisdom on user acquisition, retention techniques, and strategies for game expansion. These tracks promise a comprehensive exploration of the games industry's diverse facets, making PG Connects San Francisco a must-attend event for professionals seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving world of games.

  • DAY 19 - Raise a Glass, it's Party Time!

    DAY 19 - Raise a Glass, it's Party Time!  logo

    The festive season is now in full swing, but the part doesn't stop at the end of December, gear up for an unforgettable start to PG Connects London 2024 with our Kick-off Party on Sunday, January 21, 2024, at The Refinery Citypoint. Join us and our sponsors from 7:00 pm till late for a pre-conference soirée. It's the perfect tonic to set the scene for the conference's grandeur, allowing you to break the ice, make connections, and absorb the pre-show buzz.

    Please note that this isn't the time to pick up your conference badge, but you can secure it between 4-6 pm directly from the venue. We're excited to hear your news, share our plans, and toast to the upcoming gaming extravaganza.

    Then as the sun sets on Day 1, continue the festivities at our ever popular evening event, the Global Connects Party on Monday, January 22, 2024, at BOUNCE, from 7:00 pm till late. Join veterans and newcomers alike in navigating the drink-fueled seas of industry camaraderie, celebrating not just the event but also a decade of PG Connects success. Come sail with us for an evening of fun, networking, and toasting to 10 years of industry-leading events. Welcome aboard!

  • DAY 20 - Explore an Exclusive Ticket Holders Treasure Trove

    DAY 20 - Explore an Exclusive Ticket Holders Treasure Trove logo

    On Day 20 of our advent calendar we invite you to unlock a treasure trove of knowledge with the exclusive Video Vault, a privilege reserved for PG Connects ticket holders. Delivered just a few weeks after the event, this password-protected archive encapsulates the essence of PG Connects London, immortalising every talk and panel for your continued exploration.

    Your ticket opens the gateway to a wealth of insights, conveniently accessible anytime and anywhere. Immerse yourself in the wisdom shared by industry luminaries as they delve into the latest trends, monetization techniques, growth strategies, and a plethora of other invaluable topics. Whether you missed a session during the live event or wish to revisit a particular discussion, the Video Vault ensures you never miss a beat.

    This curated collection extends beyond mere recordings; it's a knowledge reservoir that empowers you to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving games landscape. Previous examples, accessible on the PG Biz YouTube channel, stand as testaments to the depth and quality you can expect from the Video Vault. Elevate your understanding, refine your strategies, and chart the course for success as you unlock the doors to PG Connects London's Video Vault—where industry expertise awaits at your fingertips.

  • DAY 21 - Meet The Titans of Industry Attending PG Connects London

    DAY 21 - Meet The Titans of Industry Attending PG Connects London logo

    As the countdown to Pocket Gamer Connects London unfolds, the anticipation for the gathering of industry titans reaches its zenith. Our flagship conference, celebrating a monumental 10 years of PG Connects events, is poised to host a stellar assembly of over 2,500 attendees on January 22nd to 23rd. This extraordinary event will transform London into the epicentre of the games universe, welcoming a diverse array of companies that epitomise excellence in the global games industry.

    With over 200 of the industry's foremost executives and thought leaders in attendance, Pocket Gamer Connects London is not just a conference; it's a nexus for networking, discovery, pitching, and learning. The showfloor will be teeming with representatives from companies that span the entire gaming spectrum, encompassing mobile, PC, console, AI, XR, and more.

    This exclusive glimpse into the attending companies unveils a mosaic of the finest in the games industry worldwide. As we gear up for this unparalleled celebration, expect to rub shoulders with the best of the best, delve into groundbreaking discussions, and forge connections that define the future of games. Pocket Gamer Connects London is not just an event; it's an immersive journey into the heartbeat of games industry excellence.

  • DAY 22 - New Opportunities Galore at the Career Zone

    DAY 22 - New Opportunities Galore at the Career Zone logo

    The Careers Zone at PG Connects is a dynamic platform that serves as the nexus for job seekers and games industry professionals alike. In collaboration with Games Factory Talent, this initiative opens doors to a myriad of career opportunities within the games sector.

    Recruiters at PG Connects' Careers Zone can choose tailored packages offering diverse features such as online job postings, access to matching talent profiles, and the ability to book meetings with potential hires. These packages, empower recruiters to navigate the games industry's talent landscape efficiently and connect with top-tier candidates.

    Job seekers can explore a curated selection of open roles from hiring studios directly on the Games Factory Talent platform, streamlining the application process. Exclusive perks await onsite ticket holders, including access to matching jobs and the ability to schedule face-to-face meetings with hiring managers and studios through the MeetToMatch platform. Digital pass holders benefit from a versatile experience, with opportunities to apply directly to studios, receive job matches, and book online meetings with hiring managers, all accessible through their digital pass.

    The Careers Zone is not just a job board; it's a comprehensive ecosystem where professionals can engage with industry experts, seek feedback on their profiles, and chart their course in the ever-evolving world of games. Whether you're an aspiring candidate or a seasoned professional, the Careers Zone at PG Connects is your gateway to shaping a rewarding career in the vibrant games industry.

    PG Connects Careers Zone stands as a testament to the conference organisers commitment to nurturing and supporting the future of the games industry by bridging the gap between talented professionals and exciting career opportunities.

  • DAY 23 - Celebrate the Valuable Supporters of PG Connects

    DAY 23 - Celebrate the Valuable Supporters of PG Connects logo

    On the twenty-third day of our advent calendar, we extend heartfelt gratitude to the unsung heroes behind the scenes—our brand sponsors and partners. Their unwavering support has transformed PG Connects London from a vision into reality. This flagship conference, now in its 10th year, returns once again to the heart of London on January 22nd and 23rd, is a testament to their commitment, making it the most ambitious and impactful edition yet.

    With the support of these industry champions, over 2,500 attendees will converge to network, discover, pitch, and learn from 200+ top executives and thought leaders. From fringe events fostering networking to inspiring new business opportunities, this year's conference is set to surpass all expectations. To our invaluable sponsors and partners, we express our deepest thanks. You're not just supporters; you're cherished members of the Pocket Gamer family, and together, we're crafting an unparalleled experience at PG Connects London.

  • DAY 24 - Happy Holidays and an Extra Special Treat

    DAY 24 - Happy Holidays and an Extra Special Treat logo

    Tis the season and tis the grand finale of our advent calendar, and as a special Christmas Eve treat, unwrap an exclusive 10% discount to elevate your Pocket Gamer Connects experience. Reflecting on the month-long journey, we've unveiled the excitement awaiting you at our upcoming conference—Global Connects Party, developer-publisher matchups, insightful content, and more.

    To infuse your holiday with cheer, we've secured a festive 10% discount for PG Connects London 2024 and PG Connects San Francisco 2024. Embrace the spirit of the season and the anticipation of our stellar conference by using the code ‘FESTIVE’. Hurry, as this gift awaits you only until midnight on January 5th, 2024.

    The entire PG Connects team extends warm holiday wishes, and we eagerly anticipate your presence in the New Year. May your festivities be joyous, and we look forward to creating unforgettable moments together at PG Connects London 2024!

Events Marketing Manager

Elaine is our leading evangelist for all the exciting events we do. Her mission is to keep you all informed of the best events in the games industry, make sure you never miss a networking opportunity, and ensure everyone has the information they need to know about PG Connects, Mixers and Indie Pitches!