Be part of the future of the games industry with these extended Cyber Monday offers

Unlocking the Future of Games: Cyber Monday Discounts on Tickets for Pocket Gamer Connects London and San Francisco2024 - Grab Your Golden Opportunities Now!

Be part of the future of the games industry with these extended Cyber Monday offers

Our Cyber Monday Offers have now been extended until midnight on November 30th, this could be your last chance for big savings! 

As Cyber Monday unfolds its digital wonders and exclusive online deals, games industry professionals have a reason to continue the celebration. Among the treasures hidden within this online shopping extravaganza are the golden opportunities to secure tickets for two of the most anticipated events in the games calendar: Pocket Gamer Connects London and Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco.

Pocket Gamer Connects London: A 20% Bonus for Cyber Monday Shoppers

For those who missed the Black Friday extravaganza, fear not! The Cyber Monday magic extends its virtual wand to offer a generous 20% discount on tickets for Pocket Gamer Connects London, our flagship conference set to take place on January 22nd and 23rd, 2024. Consider it a second chance to grab hold of the best online deal in town, providing an immersive dive into the heart of the games industry.

After ten years of this incredible conference series, Pocket Gamer is thrilled to begin a year of not only looking back on our past successful conferences but also looking forward to future growth, investment, and support of the industry, and London is the natural stage for this grand celebration promising to be bigger and better than ever before. The 20% discount extends to all ticket categories, ensuring that attendees receive unparalleled value for their investment. This event promises to unite over 2500 games industry professionals.
Boasting 900+ esteemed companies and 200+ expert speakers, Pocket Gamer Connects London 2024 is set to be a melting pot of insights, innovations, and networking opportunities. Multiple content tracks will cover global trends, game growth techniques, mobile advertising strategies, and much more. Attendees will have the chance to connect with publishers, investors, developers, service providers, and emerging industry professionals.

The resounding success and positive feedback from past Pocket Gamer events speak volumes, with 97% of attendees recommending the conference to their colleagues, and 96% expressing an eagerness to return for more. The MeetToMatch meeting platform further elevates the experience, providing a sophisticated avenue for forging connections and facilitating meetings.

Don’t miss this chance to unlock the door to the future of the games industry at an unbeatable online price.

Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco: A Double Delight with 10% Off

But that's not all! The Cyber Monday extravaganza extends its digital magic across the virtual world to embrace Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco, an event strategically timed just before the Game Developers Conference (GDC). This PG Connects, set to take place on March 18-19, 2024, offers a unique blend of insights and opportunities in this innovative and engaging games hub.
To sweeten the deal further, we're delighted to present a 10% discount on tickets for Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco. This exclusive offer ensures that attendees not only tap into the wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities at the event but also gain 5-day access to MeetToMatch: The San Francisco Edition.

Imagine having the power to connect with the right people in the games industry throughout the entire week, both within and beyond the conference venue. With the MeetToMatch platform, attendees can orchestrate meaningful meetings with publishers, investors, developers, and other key players in the industry.
The icing on the cake is the inclusion of the Pocket Gamer Connects meeting zone at the Hibernia Hotel, available to all ticket holders. Even non-Pocket Gamer Connects users of MeetToMatch can join in at our virtual meeting tables, creating a dynamic and inclusive space for online networking.
In a world where connections are currency, Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco becomes the golden ticket to unlock possibilities. The 10% Cyber Monday discount is the key to a week-long games extravaganza, creating a bridge between the conference and the vibrant pulse of San Francisco's games community.

So, as you navigate the Cyber Monday seas of online deals and discounts, don't let these gems slip through your virtual fingers. Pocket Gamer Connects London and San Francisco beckons with open arms, offering discounted tickets that promise an unforgettable online journey into the heart of the games universe. Seize the moment, unlock the future, and make this Cyber Monday a celebration of games excellence!

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