ArenaX Labs raises $6M for AI-driven game development

The company aims to use gaming as a way of educating players and gain a greater of understanding as to the workings of artificial intelligence

ArenaX Labs raises $6M for AI-driven game development

AI Arena parent company ArenaX Labs has raised $6 million in its newest funding round to build a new PvP fighting game and develop similar titles using the same tech.

The company's tech allows users to create and train their AI-powered character and take them into battle. Each player must work to develop skills to increase their chances of emerging victorious.

AI Arena plans to release the game into beta later this year as a free-to-play title that will also support browsers. ArenaX will work on the Web3 version which will allow users to compete for rewards as well as help users understand how its AI works and learns.

Understanding AI

Speaking to GamesBeat, Wei Xie, co-founder of ArenaX Labs said, “Our thesis is that AI is going to be a massive technology of our time. The reality is that there are not a lot of people in the world that truly understand this technology. The entry point for most people is ChatGPT or Midjourney. That’s just an interface. Just because you can prompt an engine doesn’t mean you understand AI. What we’re doing is education and delivery of a true understanding and appreciation of AI through a very engaging medium of gaming."

“One of the reasons we built the company was to give people who are really good at AI an opportunity to monetize their talent they might not otherwise have… This will give so many great opportunities to researchers because they can build models and prove they’re better than others, because our game is a competition," said Brandon Da Silva, ArenaX’s CEO and co-founder.

The funding round was led by Framework Ventures, SevenX Ventures, FunPlus / Xterio with participation from Moore Strategic Ventures. AI Arena is currently open for pre-registration and is expected to launch in beta on the Arbitrum mainnet soon.

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