Roblox launches new Creator Store for faster game building

The company has prioritised three main aspects: safety, utility, and opportunity for earnings

Roblox launches new Creator Store for faster game building

UGC gaming platform Roblox has launched a new Creator Store as a replacement to its Creator Marketplace.

Creators can use the new store to exchange assets and solutions such as plugins, images, audio, fonts and video on the Roblox platform. The company has dedicated the past two years to restructuring the creator assets and solutions ecosystem, resulting in the launch of the revamped version. In addressing feedback, Roblox prioritised three main aspects: safety, utility, and opportunities for earnings.

Roblox has emphasised its commitment to safety in the Creator Store, implementing various measures such as upload rate limits, automated detection of malicious code, and human evaluation of assets. The platform has also removed 47 million malicious assets since 2022 and reduced spam by over 90%.

Enhancing the creation process

In terms of utility, Roblox has improved asset discovery through semantic search, subcategories, and trending sections. The company plans to introduce contextual recommendations based on scenes.

In order to boost earning opportunities Roblox will also be rolling out a U.S. dollar price-based Creator Store, allowing developers to keep 100% of proceeds from sales, minus fees. This change will take effect in late March. Following the launch of this new U.S. dollar-based Creator Store developers will no longer have the option to purchase or sell assets using Robux but can set up seller accounts for selling plugins and models.

In 2023, Roblox distributed $735 million in payments to creators for crafting user-generated content. This hefty payout highlights the platform's commitment to recognising and rewarding the creative efforts of developers within its community.

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