News secures $22.5M to for SMB streaming TV ad platform

The company plans to grow its employee roster from 40 to 110 in late 2024 secures $22.5M to for SMB streaming TV ad platform

Advertising platform has raised $22.5 million led by venture firm Singular to continue building its streaming TV ads ecosystem as it aims to become the “#1 CTV ad resource for SMBs."

Dubbed the “Google Ads of Streaming," provides small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with a platform for streaming TV advertising on CTV and OTT platforms.

The platform is designed to simplify the process of creating and launching ad campaigns, allowing advertisers to select their desired apps, channels, or live sports events, target specific audiences, set performance metrics, upload creatives, and take things live.

Laying down the first bricks

“We are just getting started. Vibe is still a very small company compared to the untapped $60B market that US SMBs represent," said Arthur Querou, CEO of Vibe. “We strongly believe that Vibe.CO and SMBs will be the #1 revenue driver for TV networks, broadcasters, and streaming apps within the next 5 years."

Since its $7M seed funding round in September 2022 and the launch of its self-serve ad platform, has achieved 2,000+ US clients, eight-figure revenue in 2023, with 850% YoY growth partnerships with major TV networks and streaming apps.

“We are committed to build a just and fair ecosystem for them by delivering value in a transparent, unbiased, and efficient way. We've only laid down the first bricks for a new TV Advertising ecosystem," said Querou.

The round also got reinvestment from Elala Partners and participation from Sequola's Scout Fund, Motier and seasoned Ad Tech investors such as Benjamin Antier, Cyril Vermeulen, Laurent Asscher, Very Group, and Alain Roubach.


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