Kwalee launches new mobile publishing platform Hitseeker

The publisher aims to help mobile developers “navigate the complexities of mobile game development”

Kwalee launches new mobile publishing platform Hitseeker

Global games publisher Kwalee has launched Hitseeker, a new mobile publishing platform that allows developers to test, publish and earn from mobile games.

Hitseeker also has a range of tools and resources to support game developers in creating better, more engaging games. Features include workflow optimization, expert feedback, and game metric optimization.

The new platform comes with an SDK integration that'll provide developers with access to game analytics, such as retention rates, DAU, session times, and more. This data-driven approach enables developers to make informed decisions and optimize their games for success.

Guiding developers to success

John Wright, VP of mobile publishing at Kwalee says, “Kwalee is committed to being more than just a publisher; we aim to be the developers' champion guiding them through the game development journey. We're excited to offer everything a developer needs to succeed - including tools and resources that simplify the development process and a vibrant community of collaboration and innovation."

Wright will be amongst the many esteemed speakers at Pocket Gamer Connect: San Francisco. The VP of mobile publishing will be taking part in the ‘Navigating the Hypercasual & Hybridcasual Market in 2024' panel discussion.

Designed as a collaborative ecosystem, Hitseeker's key features include a customisable dashboard, file management, learning and coaching materials, a discussion forum and feedback from some of Kwalee's in-house experts.

Mobile developers can sign up for Hitseeker from the official website.


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