Xsolla’s Cross-Play Cross-Pay is the latest platform-agnostic audience builder

As cross-play becomes increasingly prevalent, Xsolla’s new solution helps port mobile games to other platforms

Xsolla’s Cross-Play Cross-Pay is the latest platform-agnostic audience builder

Game commerce company Xsolla has implemented a new means of enabling developers to reach a broader audience across platforms, with the release of Cross-Play Cross-Pay.

The multiplatform solution is designed specifically to help mobile game devs expand to PC, console and the cloud, with Xsolla’s new web store solution Web Shop 2.0 able to act as a central hub for sales across different platforms.

After all, in addition to the benefit of standardising prices all in one place regardless of platform, web stores are a strategy more and more mobile developers are using to subvert the infamous app store taxes.

Innovate and advance

Xsolla’s latest response to the fast-evolving mobile landscape comes shortly after the company’s founder Shurick Agapitov returned to the CEO hotseat, promising the "next chapter of strategic growth and innovation".

As cross-play becomes increasingly prevalent and important to gamers, and as the gap in hardware capabilities closes between platforms, Cross-Play Cross-Pay is Xsolla’s solution to fairness and transparency across devices, enabling equal access to game content with a "consistent and fair monetisation strategy".

Developers can port their mobile games to PC and enhance graphics with Xsolla Launcher, meanwhile Xsolla Cloud Gaming allows game builds to be deployed directly to cloud platforms from a dev’s own landing page.

"The advancements made with Cross-Play Cross-Pay have been a focus of our innovation over the past year after collaborating with numerous partners and launching over 200 web shops in 2023. This extensive real-world application with customer feedback has helped mobile game developers to efficiently market their games online by operating within the platform guidelines," said Xsolla president David Stelzer.

"Cross-Play Cross-Pay is our strategic innovation to meet the continuously evolving demands of the ever-changing mobile game industry. By delivering a multi-platform solution for mobile game developers, we can help them to reach more players and to grow their business."

Xsolla acquired cloud-based streaming studio Lightstream late last year.

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