Xsolla acquires Lightstream, Rainmaker and in big third-party assets round-up

The three assets were all acquired from previous owner Videndum

Date Type Companies involved Size
October 12th, 2023 Xsolla Not disclosed
Xsolla acquires Lightstream, Rainmaker and in big third-party assets round-up

Third-party payment platform Xsolla has acquired Lightstream, Rainmaker and from owner Videndum.

Lightstream is a cloud-based streaming studio that allows produce, create and share live content. Rainmaker is a toolset allowing creators to manage and grow their audience while maximising revenue opportunities. While is focused on developing new advancements in live-stream production.

The acquisitions represent a major step into establishing third-party tools for streamers, a growing market of creatives that increasingly play a huge role in game taste-making and marketing.

According to Xsolla the benefit to users should be obvious. “Xsolla will allow creators to go live within seconds via cloud streaming services, request free keys from game developers, participate in referral programs, create their branded web shops, and sell digital goods for games in Xsolla's portfolio.”

CEO of Xsolla, Chris Hewish, commented, “The acquisition of Lightstream, Rainmaker, and reinforces our dedication to delivering extra value to the gaming community and making the Xsolla Partner Network an all-encompassing solution for developers, publishers, creators, and their audiences.”

Xsolla also assured current Lightstream users that service, including partnerships with Microsoft, Twitch, Xbox and Steelseries would continue as normal.

Streaming for success

The diversity of tools here suggests that they will help provide a solid backing for any future project from streamers. And with these creatives still proving to be a major force for video game tastemaking, community outreach, marketing and more, maintaining a solid relationship with them is a smart move.

Xsolla have also increased their foothold in mobile, recently announcing that 40 of the top 100 mobile games had opened webstores through them. The company is now actively utilising newly acquired means to expand their reach.

One endorsement came from CEO of, Kirill Tokarev, "With the support of Xsolla, is shedding light on the growing need for a connective platform in the gaming industry.

"This concept aims to provide equal opportunities for gaming and porting studios, particularly those with limited internal capacity, by connecting them with dependable partners for expanding their games to other platforms," he added.

Xsolla have also made the acquisition of multiplayer platform AcceleratXR late in September 2023, which may also go further to supporting the - often multiplayer oriented - streamer community.

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