GameAnalytics and Xsolla team up to simplify direct-to-consumer game sales

GameAnalytics founder Morten E. Wulff says, "Together, we're setting a new standard for game monetization."

GameAnalytics and Xsolla team up to simplify direct-to-consumer game sales

Games commerce company Xsolla has partnered with analytics platform GameAnalytics to grow and expand in-game monetization by integrating Xsolla's Web Shop into the GameAnalytics platform.

The partnership will allow game developers to use advanced tools for direct-to-consumer sales, starting with an innovative proof of concept focused on Xsolla's Web Shop.

Although game developers can already integrate their games with GameAnalytics to access data and insights into their games' performance, they can now understand the spending patterns of players, “optimise” revenue streams, and “maximise” their earning opportunities.

Direct-to-consumer revolution

In a LinkedIn post, Morten E. Wulff, founder of GameAnalytics says that he's, “Happy to be at the forefront of the direct-to-consumer revolution. Together, we're setting a new standard for game monetization. Let's shape the future of gaming."

Xsolla's chief marketing officer and chief growth officer Berkley Egenes also emphasized on the partnership, adding that it represents a breakthrough for developers globally.

“Combining GameAnalytics' powerful data analysis tools with Xsolla's comprehensive sales solutions provides developers with an unprecedented opportunity to understand and engage their audience directly," said Egenes.

GameAnalytics COO Allison Bilas also adds that the partnership will empower game developers and open new avenues that'll allow them monetise their games. “This collaboration is about providing actionable insights that enable developers to craft compelling experiences for gamers while optimizing their revenue streams," said Bilas.

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