Sony Ericsson announces 2008 Content Awards now open

Call for submissions goes out - deadline at the end of November

Sony Ericsson announces 2008 Content Awards now open
Established to recognise outstanding achievements in mobile content development, the second annual Sony Ericsson Content Awards are now officially open for submissions from all developers who've created applications and services for Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

Developers have from today, 18th September, through to 30th November to submit their entries through the Sony Ericsson Content Awards website. This year sees a greater range of categories intended to inspire innovation from developers around the world.

"Sony Ericsson is very proud to unveil its 2008 Content Awards and celebrate bringing the best and most innovative content from mind to market," said Björn Ahlberg, Head of Sony Ericsson Content & Services. "We highly value our relationships with content creators and developers, and as equal partners within the mobile ecosystem, together we can create unique propositions and experiences for consumers."

Last year, RealNetworks, BitCycle, Opera, Gracenote, Metronize/Clavitones and Vringo all won awards in their respective categories. Judged by a panel of industry experts who will evaluate the nominees based on ease of use, entertainment factor, innovation, look and feel, uniqueness, creativity and audio performance, the 2008 Sony Ericsson Content Awards will celebrate achievements in seven categories:

Being ProductiveWhen you're on the move it's important to be able to take your office with you. Transcending traditional smartphone functions, today's users require email, Web, document editing or anything that will make working while on-the-go easier.

Going Green

Everyone is doing their part to help the environment. Whether keeping track of carbon footprints, sourcing that new must-have green product or saving power, today's mobile phones can play an integral role in helping our planet.

In-Car applications

Being on-the-go also means being responsible when behind the wheel of a car. Today's developers are creating content and services that enhance the in-car user experience as well as safety benefits.

Mobile EntertainmentToday's consumers use their mobile phones to experience the latest in digital entertainment – whenever and wherever they want it. From imaging and video, to music and gaming, the Web and beyond – some of the most captivating entertainment experiences are being experienced on Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

Lifestyle Experiences

Today's demanding and dynamic lifestyles require phones that are fast and smart enough to keep up with consumers. From managing schedules, to commerce and social connections – people need the right content to never miss a single opportunity that life has to offer.

Themes & Graphics

Before millions of users can truly unleash the power of their mobile phones, they must first be inspired by the intuitive and innovative designs that allow them to personalize their experience. By harnessing the power of themes and graphics, developers can make it incredibly easy and entertaining for consumers to get the most out of their mobile phones.

XPERIA X1 Panels

Sony Ericsson is challenging developers and content creators to develop XPERIA™ panels for its eagerly anticipated Sony Ericsson X1 phone using new tools from Sony Ericsson Developer World. Featuring a dynamic touch screen, the X1 phone displays nine XPERIA Panels simultaneously and they expand to show a group of short-cuts, whole applications, web services or whatever your imagination comes up with.


"Through leveraging a diverse portfolio of tools and support, the global development community has been empowered by Sony Ericsson to create applications easily, quickly and securely that provide rich mobile experiences for consumers on their mobile phones," said Roger Entner, Senior Vice President Communications Sector, Nielsen IAG. "Sony Ericsson's Content Awards are testimony to the innovations that can benefit everyone within an open ecosystem."

Finalists will be selected in December and the 2008 winners will be announced in an official online ceremony on 5th February, 2009. Winners of the 2008 Content Awards will then be invited to Lund, Sweden, for an exclusive behind-the-scenes two-day mobile content workshop where they will have the opportunity to network and share resources with their peers and executives from Sony Ericsson.

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