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Gamer loyalty is the key to high quality user acquisition

The future of mobile advertising

Gamer loyalty is the key to high quality user acquisition

Six short months ago, Mistplay exploded onto the AppsFlyer Performance Index with top-ten rankings that demonstrated the power of its loyalty platform.

The 12th edition of the AppsFlyer Performance Index, released March 24th, confirms that this success was no mere flash in the pan: Mistplay has locked down three high rankings in several key indices, emphasizing its status as a high-quality mobile media advertising source.

The AppsFlyer Performance Index has long been recognized as a comprehensive "report card" covering the state of the mobile media landscape. It's an invaluable tool for mobile marketers seeking to make the most of their budgets.

A year after the coronavirus pandemic redefined all norms, the 12th edition of the AppsFlyer Performance Index is providing concrete and up-to-date insight regarding consumer behavior.

The fact that Mistplay continues to climb the charts suggests that this app is more than a source of high-quality user traffic; it's also at the cutting edge of mobile advertising.

In the latest edition of the AppsFlyer Performance Index, Mistplay ranked 5th on the Global IAP Index, 7th on the Global IAA Index (Android), and 8th on the Retention Index (Android and Gaming).

AppsFlyer highlighted the ability smaller networks have to deliver paying users, stating "Other than Apple Search Ads, Snap, and Facebook, most top players in quality scores are smaller networks that prove they are able to deliver high quality users: Mistplay [and others]."

So what explains Mistplay's rapid rise to the top of AppsFlyer's Performance Index?

The core of their success is likely due to their status as the predominant loyalty platform for mobile gamers. Tens of millions of players use the Mistplay app to discover new mobile games catered to their gaming preferences.

Tens of millions of players use the Mistplay app to discover new mobile games catered to their gaming preferences.

But the app doesn't just show players new games to enjoy: it also captures attention through a unique player loyalty model. As users accrue play time and make in-app purchases within games, they earn points to redeem gift cards and other rewards. This, in turn, leads to high engagement and retention for Mistplay's game developer clients.

Mistplay's unique business model is thriving, thanks to the dedicated and growing team behind the product.

In just the past 6 months, over a hundred new games have started working with Mistplay. Mistplay has also added Korea, Italy, and Spain to its expanding list of supported countries, with plans to launch in several more countries in the near future.

An increasing number of mobile gaming clients have found success with Mistplay's product, including game developers like Funplus, King, and

Mistplay has also successfully leveraged AI campaigns to deliver striking results to their clients. AI campaigns, which draw from a wide array of data points to learn users' behavior, are able to predict which users will enjoy and/or spend money in a given game.

Mistplay's clients have seen higher retention, ROAS, and install volume in AI campaigns — a testament to the powerful possibilities of rewarded play.

As uncertainty looms on the horizon regarding Apple's iOS 14 SKAdNetwork and the "deprecation" of IDFA, more and more game developers are looking for ad platforms that can deliver high-quality users. Mistplay provides a proven solution for marketers looking to tap into the ever-growing Android user-base.

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