Vivendi makes a formal takeover offer for troubled Gameloft

30% shareholding triggers move

Date Type Companies involved Size
February 19th, 2016 Gameloft
Not disclosed
Vivendi makes a formal takeover offer for troubled Gameloft

Continuing a theme running through late 2015, French conglomerate Vivendi has increased in shareholding in Gameloft to 30%, triggering a formal takeover bid.

It ended the year with stake of 10% in Gameloft and much bigger and more valuable cousin company Ubisoft.

But in its most recent financial report, it proposed a formal bid for Gameloft.

Better together

Priced at €6 a share - a premium of 50% to Gameloft's closing share price on 14 October, which was when Vivendi originally became a shareholder.

This values Gameloft at around $570 million. 

Vivendi said the deal would add value to both companies, with Vivendi helping the troubled Gameloft improve its 'industrial and financial levers'.

Vivendi also pointed to the companies' shared commonalities, including their French roots, international focus, and a similar understanding of cultural diversity.

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