32 notable mobile games released in December 2019 you may have missed

32 notable mobile games released in December 2019 you may have missed

Maxon Pugovsky is a Ukrainian expat living in Saigon, also a Mobile Games Producer at Gameloft.

The world of mobile games is ever changing, with a constant stream of new releases flooding the various app stores. 

In such a world of plenty, many notable releases can slip under the radar, hence this regular list, highlighting the most interesting releases over the past month. 

It's broken down in various thematic sections, making it easier to see what's going on. 

Curated by Maxon Pugovsky, this is an edited version of his regular roundups on Medium.

You can also check out the list for previous months here




The iconic and very successful MMORPG launches mobile version. There is no crossplay with the PC version however. 

Hardcore space MMO launches open beta version of its mobile spin-off.

This is a hidden object game with cartoon-like art style from creators of Guns of Glory and King of Avalon.

This fantasy MMORPG offers cuteness-focused anime art direction.

A high fantasy MMORPG with masssive 50vs50 PvP battles.




An endless runner tied-in with cinematic release.

Another runner timed to the release of the animated movie with Will Smith in the main role.

Match-3 puzzler with decorative meta-game sunbathing under an umbrella of nostalgic IP from 80s.

The Dobre Brothers are prominent YouTubers who also happen to be the four sons of an Romanian gymnastics Olympic champion who emigrated to the USA. This is a hypercasual physics game.

A new dungeon crawler featuring PewDiePie, you control a worm, who poops the troops. Initially it was rejected by Apple for being too crude, but eventually published after an appeal.




This is the mobile version of the PC sandbox for user-generated games like Roblox.

A rogue-like dungeon crawler with voxel art. Explore one tiny room at a time.




Shooter inspired by indie PC hit My Friend Pedro.

The 3rd installment of the popular .io game from Voodoo, now the surface for painting is kind of a small planet in the shape of a banana or a star.

Push other characters.

Yep, you iron clothes.

Aha, painting nails.

Try to guess? It’s pouring ice cream into a cone.

Craft swords in a forge.

Control the speed of a train to stay on the rails and get to the next station.

Well, soap cutting is part of ASMR practices — the sound is supposed to relax and please a listener. Now there is a hypercasual for that.




Evergreen niche hit with dedicated fanbase.

New official incarnation of the classic board game.

Remaster of PS Vita release of 2016. The 20th game in SaGa RPG series.

Remaster of RPG released on Xbox 360 in 2008.

Escape room and puzzle adventure.

Digital version of the strategy board game.

Esports team management simulator.

Mobile port of RPG released on Steam in May 2019. “Build your own fantasy village, train and equip your heroes and send them out to collect Swag”.

Sequel to an indie detective game. Investigate the death of a young influencer by digging into her smartphone.




Spatial puzzles in Monument Valley style with Lego building blocks. The first game from internal Lego game studio.

Crossover sport with licensed stars from NBS, NHL, NFL, etc. The game was revealed at The Game Awards show.


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