40 notable mobile games released in February 2020 you may have missed

40 notable mobile games released in February 2020 you may have missed

Maxon Pugovsky is a Ukrainian expat living in Saigon, also a Mobile Games Producer at Gameloft.

The world of mobile games is ever changing, with a constant stream of new releases flooding the various app stores. 

In such a world of plenty, many notable releases can slip under the radar, hence this regular list, highlighting the most interesting releases over the past month. 

It's broken down in various thematic sections, making it easier to see what's going on. 

Curated by Maxon Pugovsky, this is an edited version of his regular roundups on Medium.

You can also check out the list for previous months here




A new hero collecting strategy RPG released by creators of Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike, 4X strategies in $1 billion grossers club.

Medieval RPG from British developers released globally after 19 months in soft launch. My personal favorite from player’s POV among the new games I tried this month.

Endless runner with a famous adorable green monster and his friends.

Car industry city building tycoon with light racing and licensed cars from major manufacturers.

New take on Clash Royale card battler with cartoonish art direction and sometimes cheesy humor.

Side view platformer racing for up to 4 players from creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride.

One-on-one hero brawler in real time with cartoonish Supercell-style art direction.

Hero-based FPS continues the franchise established by the previous title.

Global release of jRPG in Dragon Quest universe, which was available in Japan since October 2015.

Top-down shoot ’em up, mobile port of PC/console game released in November 2017.

Multiplayer RPG for children where players collaborate to defeat enemies from nightmares. Also playable in browser on BBC website.

MMORPG built on Unreal Engine by Chinese verteran developers. Total amount of data to download before starting playing is around 4.3 Gb.

Multiplayer aerial fighting game with anime styled art direction. The first global mobile release by Japanese developers, who are a part of CyberAgent holding.

  • Monster Hunter Riders (Capcom)

Mobile entry to the famous monster hunting RPG is available only in Japan.




Hero collecting brawler RPG with a nice touch of humor in narrative and animations.

RPG with turn-based combat based on Japanese manga series.





Shooting platformer with character progression where you stop evil cookies from taking over the world.

A puzzler with slingshot mechanics — shoot a worm to the apple, repeat through 80 levels.

Relaxing experience where you control and customize a mover and cut grass in the countryside. From Australian indie team, who released amazing Super Starfish in 2018.

Tower defence of a tree from invading ant-like creatures with 360 degree view around a tree trunk and fluorescent graphics. Made by two Australian indie devs.

Try to control 4 arcade games on one screen at once.

Sequel to the puzzle where you need to distinguish almost similar color tones.

Detailed city building simulator with villagers collection and interior decoration.




Sort colored spheres in tubes. Debut title from studio opened by adtech company IronSource.

Draw legs/wheels of different shapes for the cube character to pass the level.

Slap an opponent. Microtrend of the month in hypercasaul realm. Gameguru’s title is ahead of competition in terms of downloads.

Same idea with a more realistic graphics style.

A Turkish developer joined a slapping party.

Hypercasual craftsmanship: cut, paint and sell wooden blocks.

Pull out, clean and decorate teeth.

Find the odd object and move it to restore order.






iPad port of PC RTS hit from 2006. Command troops in WW2.

Hack-n-slash action RPG with deck building, port of Steam indie hit from December 2018. For iPad only.

Top-down survival horror from the authors of indie hit Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Interactive story about a little girl, who is lured into woods by her new friend Mr.Voice. A title from a small Sweden indie team was available on PC since September 2019.

Road trip platformer with a narrative story. Port of an indie PC game available on Steam since July 2019.

Command a spaceship in a genre mix of “text quest, spaceship simulator, survival, adventure, and rogue-like RPG”.




2D platformer with procedurally generated levels for up to 4 players.

Football simulator from Uruguayan developers. Charrua are indigenous people of South America, whose descendants live in Uruguay.

A game for children, where you guide the characters from the Loud House cartoon to reach their objectives.





Strategy game features a proven gameplay formula and adds development of the homebase on top of it. Testing in Ireland, Romania and Philippines.

Multiplayer tennis simulator with Angry Birds characters. SL countries: Mexico & USA.

Galactic scifi 4X strategy. Game expands the successful PC strategy franchise on mobile. SL in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Sweden.

Puzzle-batler in Tsum-Tsum style, where you blast faces of One Piece characters to combat rivals and develop an build-up an island in metagame.

Episodic narrative stories for mature audiences with “drama and thrills” from creators of similar app Episodes.

  • Guardian Tales (Kong Studios/Kakao Games)

JRPG with real-time combat. Testing in Philippines & Malaysia.





Blasting puzzle with an iconic American comic character in the main role. 

  • Crash Bandicoot endless runner (King).

The advertisement of the game surfaced on Brazilian Facebook.

  • Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower (Perchang)

Turn-based RPG with a fan-favorite license. It will see the light in 2020.

A new licensed NBA game is due for release in 2020. That would be a debut title for the US developer backed by VC funding.

Tactical RPG in Dragon Quest universe. Announced only for Japan so far. 




  • Forces of Freedom (Bravocompany)

The developer of this military FPS is out of money but will release an offline premium version of the title.

  • Torikago Scrap Merch & Fantasy Earth Genesis (DeNA)

Japan-only games will be closed in March due to low level of IAPs.


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Rob Belman Salesman
Thank you so very much for this very insightful and informative article, with so many mobile games coming out every year it is very easy to miss many titles, even ones that turn out to be very good and very memorable. I myself love to play lots of games and I would like to share a very addictive game that I just cannot stop playing, follow the link below to play it and I bet you cannot play just once LOL!!