48 notable mobile games released in March 2020 you may have missed

48 notable mobile games released in March 2020 you may have missed

Maxon Pugovsky is a Ukrainian expat living in Saigon, also a Mobile Games Producer at Gameloft.

The world of mobile games is ever changing, with a constant stream of new releases flooding the various app stores. 

In such a world of plenty, many notable releases can slip under the radar, hence this regular list, highlighting the most interesting releases over the past month. 

It's broken down in various thematic sections, making it easier to see what's going on. 

Curated by Maxon Pugovsky, this is an edited version of his regular roundups on Medium.

You can also check out the list for previous months here



Autochess, or “auto battler” in Riot’s terminology, set in the world of League of Legends launched on Google Play, has already gained 4.5 million downloads

Tactical RPG in Final Fantasy series. It was released in Japan in November 2019.

Bowling simulator with 1v1 real-time multiplayer.

Word riddle game from creators of Trivia Crack.

Quiz game, where you solve pun-inspired drawn riddles, and draw together with friends in another mode similar to Draw Something.

Remake of arcade hit from 1980.

RPG puzzler with innovative block breaker mechanics from creators of Tap Titans.

5v5 turn-based shooting battles with cartoonish art direction a-la Worms from Chinese developers.

4v4 multiplayer hero brawler in Overwatch style with a similar art direction. The 2nd game in Respanwnables franchise.

Fantasy RPG with autoplay from Chinese publisher responsible for Guns of Glory & King of Avalon.

Create tracks for toy cars and ride on them.

Build a town and send heroes to loot dungeons. Fantasy tycoon with pixel graphics from Korean publisher.



Hero-collecting RPG with tactical combat in the world of HBO’s ecranisation of A Song of Ice and Fire novels.

Hero-collecting RPG with Disney and Pixar characters and high quality graphics. Visual appeal seems the main difference from a very similar battler Disney Heroes: Battle Mode developed by PerBlue.

The famous word game officially arrives on mobile.

Blasting puzzle with an iconic American comic character in the main role.

The sports simulator with licensed players and stadiums.

Character collecting RPG with the license of a famous anime series.

Asian developers are on the way to turn every Japanese anime license into an RPG.

And one more RPG with anime characters.

Blasting puzzle with the French Bulldog of the Spanish-speaking youtuber Mariale, who has 13 million subscribers, from the digital media company BraodbandTV, which represents online influencers. BTW the dog named Burrito has 500,000 followers on Instagram.

  • Sagrada (Dire Wolf Digital/Floodgate Games)

Mobile adaptation of the board game puzzle with dice.

  • EVA Battlefields (Mobcast, Japan only)

Famous anime series Evangelion enters mobile games space with an RPG battler. Players can purchase an optional mouse-like controller in the shape of a robot and place on it one of 12 figurines (sold in blind gacha packages). The figurines provide benefits in combat.



Explore the land on a giant war tortoise, shoot the enemies and progress endlessly in idle style. A sequel to the indie hit of 2016 developed by the same team of four brothers from North Carolina, USA.

HOG with a plot based on esoteric topics: past lives, astrology, alchemy and other mysteries; 1-time IAP for the full game unlock.

Build a multilevel siege tower and repel waves of enemies.

Tap on goods at a supermarket cashier belt to scan them and cope with distractions. And you are fired after the first mistake.

Puzzler which mixes gameplay of connect the pipes and Tetris.

Drive a flying taxi through air traffic in 5th Element inspired setting. Hyeprcasual game from an indie studio consisting of 2 brothers, who develop their games on BuildBox.




One of the first games published from a studio owned by TikTok parent company. Hit enemies coming from the left and right sides, and gain Archero-style skills between waves.

Add cream topping on cakes.

Blend cocktails and with a chance to chop fingers.

Throw frisbee.

Crowd City with obstacles — gather a crowd of manikins and get together through the obstacle course.

Hypercasual FPS

Dig wood to form spirals and use them to destroy obstacles.

Cleaning, mowing lawns, ironing and other household chores acompliches magically just by swiping on the screen.

Narrative comic style adventure with choices, where you escape numerous dangers.

Crush stuff with a wheel of a car, inspired by YouTube minigenre.

Cook pizzas: “knead the dough, place the toppings & bake”.

Renovate old houses.



Mobile port of iconic action-adventure platformer from 1997.

Matching puzzle game in iconic franchise of farming games. Previously released on consoles in October 2019.

Find items and tiny details on huge hand-drawn levels.

Skate on a hoverboard (like in Back to Future) around an open world and complete challenges.

Dialogue based detective game, where you interrogate suspects. Previously released on Steam in December 2019.



  • Spyder (Sumo Digital)

Play as a tiny spider robot at the service of a spy agency and sabotage the plans of evil doers.

  • Roundguard (Wonderbelly Games)

Dungeon crawler RPG with pinball mechanics. Released simultaneously on Steam.



  • Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells (Zynga/Portkey Games/WB)

Match-3 puzzler in Harry Potter universe.

  • Marvel Future Revolution (Netmarble)

Open world RPG with Marvel heroes and villains, including Spiderman, Captain America, Doctor Strange and others.

  • Fallout Shelter Online (Shengqu Games/Gaea Mobile/Bethesda)

Multiplayer version of the base building strategy game, previously available only in China, will be launched worldwide.

  • Roller Champions (Ubisoft)

Competitive fantasy sport, announced previously for PC, is coming to mobile and consoles.

  • Hard Rock Blackjack (KamaGames)

Social casino game under the famous entertainment brand.

  • Battleverse Champions (Tenacious Entertainment)

1v1 arena brawler. Debut title from the team formed by former ArenaNet (Guild Wars) developers, who secured $3.3 million in funding.

  • FIFA Mobile (Nexon/Electronic Arts)

A new football title exclusively for Korea.

  • NieR Re[in]carnation (Applibot/Square Enix)

Game in NieR universe for Japanese market.


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