ByteBrew’s free app tracking transparency SDK

The free ByteSyze SDK aims to help developers navigate IDFA changes

ByteBrew’s free app tracking transparency SDK

Game developers have been left navigating how, when, and where to implement Apple’s new privacy requirements for App Tracking Transparency on iOS 14.

More often than not, Developers are required to create custom integrations for each of their games to manage every SDK dependent on the completion of ATT. Developing these custom implementations for game developers takes valuable time, resources and coding knowledge (especially for devs that aren't a master in Objective-C).

Today, ByteBrew, the all-in-one mobile game growth platform, announced the release of its new free ByteSyze SDK; aiming to tackle developer iOS 14 struggles by providing an easy-to-integrate solution packed with a set of massive features.

An early access version of their full upcoming Open Beta SDK, ByteSyze gives developers instant integration of ByteBrew’s comprehensive App Tracking Transparency solution; which provides game developers a custom ATT solution with managed completion handlers for user consent notification.

Not only do developers that integrate ByteSyze get the ATT solution, but ByteBrew has included automatic integration of their expansive engagement analytics dashboard. ByteBrew’s dashboard tracks in-depth real-time metrics to breakdown everything you need to know about your players such as: new user events, retention reporting, session analytics, and monetization metrics - all of which are filterable by date range, build version, geography and more.

The features inside of ByteSyze don’t end there! Every game using the SDK will get access to ByteBrew’s, easy to integrate, remote config tool. This cloud service feature lets developers make updates to their games remotely without having to require developers to deliver a new version of their games to the app stores.

With configurations, developers can make in-game updates to single event configurations like level difficulty or player statistics and even create grouped configs. Advancing forward from basic configurations, grouped configs allow developers to change multiple values continuously with automated set intervals - very useful in having rotating daily in-game shop items.

All of the products inside of ByteSyze SDK are completely free for every developer and game on the platform.

To start using ByteSyze in your games visit www.bytebrew.io/bytesyze now!

We had a chance to speak with the founders of ByteBrew, Cameron and Kian Hozouri to find out more about ByteSyze and their future plans for their full upcoming feature release of ByteBrew Open Beta.

Why release ByteSyze now before ByteBrew’s Open Beta?

ByteBrew’s vision will always be to provide one centralized platform to give developers everything they need to grow their games; which includes comprehensive tools for analytics, monetization, attribution, live ops and automation. However, as we gear up for our open beta, we had developers consistently concerned with the impact iOS 14’s guidelines would have on their games and how best to make sure they were compliant. Wanting to support the game developer community we are so closely connected to, we built ByteSyze SDK with our custom ATT handler and a series of our essential analytic tools to solve developers persistent issues.

How easy is ByteSyze SDK to integrate?

Coming from game development we know how vexing the integration process for some platforms can be. With ByteSyze we make integrating as easy as possible. Developers get on-the-spot access to all of ByteSyze’s technology by simply initializing our SDK in their games. To get further detail, go to our docs page on our bytebrew.io site.

How can developers get access to ByteSyze?

We make using ByteSyze as simple as possible. Developers can go directly to bytebrew.io/bytesyze to download the SDK and sign up for our self-service dashboard.


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