Rafael Morgan of CrazyGames to discuss Alternative Monetisation Strategies at PGC San Francisco

Morgan will be taking part in a panel session ‘Supercharge your Revenue: Exploring Alternative Monetisation Strategies'

Rafael Morgan of CrazyGames to discuss Alternative Monetisation Strategies at PGC San Francisco

Browser games platform CrazyGames has been making waves in the gaming industry since its inception in 2013. Founded by Raf Mertens, the Belgium-based gaming platform has grown to offer over 7,000 games across various genres and categories.

We're thrilled to welcome CrazyGames VP of marketing & partnerships Rafael Morgan as one of our 70+ speakers for Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco later this month, where he’ll share his invaluable insights on the space.

The event takes place on March 18th to 19th and features all the usual PGC goodness: a track full of insightful sessions, roundtables where industry professionals can air their views on hot topics, networking opportunities (like Publisher SpeedMatch, Investor Connector and more), the Journalist Bar, the Very Big Indie Pitch and much more.

Morgan will be taking part in a panel session entitled: ‘Supercharge your Revenue: Exploring Alternative Monetisation Strategies' where he'll discuss new ways to generate revenue “beyond the norm”. Until then, we've caught up with Morgan to grab his insights on the games industry. 

PocketGamer.biz: Could you tell us about how you got started in games and your career so far?

Rafael Morgan: My journey into the gaming world began with a Super Nintendo in 1992, marking the start of a lifelong passion for gaming. Growing up, I was deeply connected to this ever-evolving medium. I pursued a degree in marketing and advertising in São Paulo, Brazil, and upon completing my studies and relocating to Switzerland, I naturally gravitated towards industries that resonated with me. I was fortunate to enter the gaming sector around the time the first iPhones were released, joining one of Switzerland's pioneering mobile gaming studios in their marketing department.

After a stint in the gaming world, I ventured into another area of interest, working for a football agency. Despite my deep love for football, the industry's inner workings didn't appeal to me, prompting my return to gaming. I joined AirConsole, where I spent over seven years transitioning into business development roles within the gaming sector. Now, approaching my second year at CrazyGames, I lead the partnership and marketing teams, focusing on our mission to assemble an unparalleled selection of high-quality web games.

Any particular favourite moments or highs you'd like to tell us about?

One of my favorite highlights has been the pivotal role we've played at CrazyGames in transforming the web gaming landscape. We achieved this by partnering with leading mobile publishers such as SayGames, Supercent, Kwalee, YSO Corp, and Boombit, bringing their expertise and acclaimed titles to the web platform. This initiative not only expanded our catalog with high-quality games but also showcased the potential of web gaming as a competitive and innovative space. Witnessing this transformation and seeing the positive response from both the gaming community and industry has been incredibly gratifying and a definite high point in my career.

What is it that makes mobile special? Why are you part of the mobile world right now?

Mobile gaming is super dynamic and stands out for letting players dive into games anytime, anywhere, becoming a part of their everyday lives. We at CrazyGames totally dig the mobile scene, but we also see a huge plus in mixing it up with web gaming. Think of web gaming as the cool buddy to mobile, adding its flavor and expanding what's possible. It's like giving mobile developers a secret weapon to reach even more players and fit into more parts of their lives.

While mobile games are all about being on the go, web gaming invites players to kick back at their desks or laptops, offering a smooth switch between play styles. It's all about creating this awesome blend of experiences, making gaming even more attractive and connected, no matter how or where you play.

How have you seen the world of app monetisation over the years and where do you think the future lies?

Over the years, app monetization has evolved from simple paid downloads to sophisticated models involving in-app purchases, advertisements, and subscriptions. We've observed a significant shift towards creating value for the user, ensuring that monetization strategies enhance rather than detract from the gaming experience. Looking ahead, I believe the future lies in further personalizing monetization, aligning monetization methods with user preferences and behaviors, and exploring new models. The key will be maintaining a balance between profitability and user satisfaction.

What mistakes and poor choices are game makers still making and what could they do to maximise their profitability (while keeping players and customers happy)?

One recurring mistake is focusing too heavily on monetization at the expense of user experience, leading to frustrated players and potential churn. Game makers should prioritize creating compelling and engaging content, fostering a sense of community, and implementing fair monetization practices that offer genuine value. To maximize profitability while keeping players happy, developers should adopt a player-centric approach, utilize data analytics to understand player behavior, and continuously iterate based on feedback.

What's a favourite 'trick' that you feel many are missing? What's the secret to success?

A trick that many overlook is the power of community engagement. Building a strong, active community around your game can drive organic growth, improve player retention, and provide invaluable feedback. Engaging with your community, celebrating their achievements, and listening to their input can transform players into advocates for your game. The secret to success, in my view, is creating games with heart—games that resonate emotionally with players, offering them meaningful, memorable experiences. Easier said than done.

Anything you want to say about your session at PGC San Francisco and your aims for the show?

I'm super stoked to join the panel at PGC San Francisco, where we're tackling "Supercharge your Revenue: Exploring Alternative Monetisation Strategies." It's not just your everyday monetization chat; we're diving into some inventive strategies that tap into both mobile and web gaming's unique strengths. The focus? Unearthing new ways to rake in revenue that go beyond the norm and bring value to players across platforms.

Web gaming offers this vast, untapped potential that, when paired with mobile, can seriously amplify your game's reach and revenue. We'll explore how leveraging web gaming can open up new monetization avenues and create a richer, more diverse ecosystem for developers. Overall, I'm super happy to be part of this dynamic industry and even more thrilled to share insights and connect with fellow gaming enthusiasts at PGC San Francisco. If you're in the area, don't hesitate to hit me up for a chat!

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