PG Connects San Francisco spotlights all the latest in innovations and insights

It's a wrap! Mobile gaming's biggest reveals and hottest trends live from at PG Connects San Francisco

PG Connects San Francisco spotlights all the latest in innovations and insights

The mobile gaming industry descended on the Hibernia event venue in San Francisco this week as Pocket Gamer Connects kicked off GDC week with a bang! Attendees from around the globe gathered to glimpse upcoming titles, discuss industry trends, and network with developers, publishers, and investors.

Making the news

As well as the very latest industry insights and hotly debated topics onstage, this week's event also saw networking opportunities, and a bustling expo floor. Here’s a quick roundup of some of our most popular articles that came out of PGC San Francisco this week.

Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco kicks off two day conference featuring Scopely, Netflix, King, Wizards of the Coast and more!

Details of just some of the big names who made an appearance at our show.

Copyright doesn’t exist for generative AI-created content in the US but it remains the "Wild West"

Lee & Hayes attorney Ethan Vodde discusses where things stand for copyright and why court cases are needed to develop the law

Scopely’s Massimo Maietti discusses the record-breaking hit Monopoly GO! at Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco

Our fireside chat revealed how Monopoly GO! rolled to the top of the charts and united Monopoly fans across the globe.

Turkish game studios don’t pay tax as government supports burgeoning industry

Games from Turkiye head of advisory board Tugbek Olek outlines Turkey's tax incentives to support its growing games industry at Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco

Battle Bears Heroes awarded Very Big Indie Pitch winner at PG Connects

Helmed by gaming veteran Ben Vu, mobile game developer Sky Vu has been announced’s Very Big Indie Pitch winner for topdown mobile shooter Battle Bears Heroes.

PG Connects continues to be the must-attend event for gaming's best and brightest, this year's San Francisco show demonstrated just how innovative and dynamic the games industry remains.

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While PGC San Francisco 2024 has come to a conclusion, you're in great time to register and attend our next global gaming event. Why not join us at The Games Expo Summit in Dubai? Here are 10 great reasons to attend.

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