CEO DeMiroz explains why PlayFirst's debut Android game was for Amazon devices

Meeting of audiences and minds

CEO DeMiroz explains why PlayFirst's debut Android game was for Amazon devices
Given it's released 61 apps and has 10 million monthly active users on the App Store, it's something of a surprise PlayFirst is only now dipping its toes into Android waters.

Actually, it's not yet got as far as Google Play; preferring instead to make its Android debut on Amazon's Kindle Fire devices, releasing signature title Diner Dash at the end of October.

"There's a lot of demand for Android, but we decided to wait and go with enduring partnerships such as this one with Amazon," explains CEO and president Marco DeMiroz.

"We offer family entertainment, so it's similar target audience to Amazon."

DeMiroz says it will be rolling out one game per month for Kindle, and that Google Play support will follow at some point.

Softly, softly

"PlayFirst is a 100 percent mobile company, but we don't just jump onto platforms. It's all about the quality of our games," he comments.

Still, as new titles are developed, it will now be looking to develop titles simultaneously for iOS and Android.

Exact deployment schedules will depend on the complexity of the in-game economics, and how much time is require to tweak gameplay and monetisation before an official launch. 

Thinking wider

But more significant than the platform themselves, DeMiroz says, is a PlayFirst's community focus.

Given its history, established in 2004 as a PC casual company, it's this that has generated the 650 million downloads of its Dash series, he argues.

"I have a lot of respect for GREE and DeNA, but I think that proprietary model is old in certain aspects," DeMiroz replies, when asked if PlayFirst would consider partnering with either social platform.

Instead, it's looking to roll its own open approach which will enable its players to use a wide range of social and gaming networks such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Game Center, GameCircle etc.

"You don't want an enforced community. It's about sharing fun," he adds.

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