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Bag a job at Boomlagoon: Positions open up at Finnish F2P studio

On the hunt for senior programmer and 2D animator

Bag a job at Boomlagoon: Positions open up at Finnish F2P studio

Fresh off the back of a $3.6 million strong funding round, Finnish free-to-play studio Boomlagoon has announced it's on the look out for fresh talent.

The studio, which was founded by three Rovio veterans and is currently working on a free-to-play character-led mobile game called Monsu, is looking to pick up a new senior programmer and a new 2D animator.

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Boomlagoon says its new senior programmer would be set to work on the company's "next mobile title", and should boast "a few years of experience in the gaming industry" and good communication skills.

Experience with Unity, C#, iOS and Android is also described as a "plus".

Boomlagoon's Monsu is currently in development

In regards to the 2D animator, Boomlagoon says it's looking for someone who can help it deliver "engaging character-driven games that are fun to play with friends."

"It's paramount that Boomlagoon's characters feel alive; act smoothly, lively, and often exaggeratedly," the job description continues.

"We're looking to hire a full-time 2D animator who's main task is to bring Boomlagoon's characters to life. Your role will include game character animation, trailer animation and other animation, such as environment and UI animation etc."

More details on both positions – as well as the opportunity to simply submit an open submission – can be found on Boomlagoon's website.


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