Pangea: In-app sales from Enigmo often less than 25 daily

And this from a million-selling game

Pangea: In-app sales from Enigmo often less than 25 daily
While there are lots of developers rolling out plans for in-apps micro-transactions, only a couple of have hard experience of running such services on iPhone and iPod touch.

On such is Pangea Software, which added in-app micro-transactions to an update for its million-selling Enigmo physics puzzler following the launch of the OS 3.0 firmware in June 2009.

According to president Brian Greenstone however, it was much more a technology demonstration that a commercial success.

Pocket Gamer: Why did you decide to go so early in terms of introducing in-app transactions into Enigmo?

Brian Greenstone: It was mainly because Apple asked us if we had any app updates that used OS 3.0 features. At the time I said "No", but it's always good to make Apple happy, so I decided to add the in-app stuff to Enigmo.

How big a concern is the lagging of iPod touch owners to update to OS 3.0?

It's definitely a problem, but not a major one. We've lost some sales because of it, but not enough to really care.

What sort of conversion rate did you hit in terms of in-app transactions uptake?

Ug... well, since Enigmo sold over 1,000,000 copies, I had expected pretty good sales of the in-app stuff. Unfortunately, we only sell around 25 per day, often less. I was expecting hundreds.

What was the reaction from Enigmo fans to the content made available via the two Kid's Packs?

Oddly, I don't think I've received a single email on it. Nobody really seems to care, or at least they're not saying that they do.

How do you think developers can overcome the backlash from some gamers about micro-transactions?

Developers just need to ignore the 'apptards' out there who think they should get any game for $1 and then major updates for life for free.

Developers should really be standing their ground more on everything price related because the app pricing war has gotten out of control. I gave up fighting that war last spring and have been raising our prices ever since. Higher priced apps tend to filter out those apptarded people anyways.

How significant do you think it would be for Apple to enable in-app transactions for free games?

It probably took more effort to 'disable' it then it would to un-disable it. Apple really should allow free apps to do it.

Do you think you'll ever be able to charge more than the 99c minimum for micro-transactions?

Possibly... seems like Apple wants in-app purchases to be successful then it needs to do that.

Thanks to Brian for his time.

You can follow Pangea via its website.
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