Distimo updates app analytics to include Risk-style competitor comparison map

How is your arch rival doing?

Distimo updates app analytics to include Risk-style competitor comparison map
There's competition between apps, there's competition between the marketplaces that sell apps, and, crucially, there's also competition between the analytics tools that evaluate the performance of apps.

As such, it's no surprise to see firms such as Distimo refreshing its tools to ensure its developers have access to the best information, with the most recent addition billed as a 'Command and Conquer or Risk-style competitor map'.

War of the world

The new tool allows those signed up to Distimo to compare their app's performance to that of a competitor of their choice, with the map displaying just which firm is in a winning position in each country over a chosen amount of time.

On a technical level, it could well prove to be a quick and easy tool to show studios just where they need to target their next promotions campaign.

Or it could simply be a bit of fun.

Support surge

Either way, joining the map within Distimo's Monitor tool is support for apps on Windows Phone 7 and the Mac App Store.

The firm has previously included stats from each marketplace in their reports – Microsoft's platform appearing back in November 2010, with the Mac App Store featuring in a dedicated report in March.

In a bid to serve as a one-stop shop for developers, Distimo has also begun importing customer reviews from the App Store, following on from its existing customer review support for Android Market.

Further details on the latest Distimo Monitor update can be found here.

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