Kiip partners with Guinness World Records, gives Mega Jump gamers chance to become world record holders

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Kiip partners with Guinness World Records, gives Mega Jump gamers chance to become world record holders
Building on its premise to links in-game achievements with real-world offers, alternative ad network Kiip has unveiled a new partnership with Guinness World Records.

The deal will see some of the highest scoring players on Kiip enabled games featuring in the 2012 run of the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition, enabling gamers to grab a world record by playing Get Set Games' Mega Jump.

Record breakers

Running from September 28 to October 3, those who play well enough to earn a place in the record books will receive an official certificate from Guinness – the kind of recognition Kiip believes will foster user engagement.

"Now we've created a deep ongoing integration with our friends over at Guinness World Records that will see all current and future game and app partners potentially able to contribute scores and achievements into the record books, and officially," said founder and CEO Brian Wong.

"This will be an automatic process that will happen at various points throughout the year where we will be able to work with our partners to highlight."

Gaming evolution

Wong believes the firm's deal with Guinness World Records acts almost as an extension of the achievement based culture gamers are now used to.

"With this partnership, we can finally say that we're able to provide the ultimate recognition," he added in a blog post.

"Our network of games and apps will be able to share this recognition with these players for the first time ever. Starting today, I'm excited to announce that all current and future partners will have this opportunity."

News of this deal comes after Kiip's partnership with American carrier Verizon, opening up the Kiip SDK to the Verizon development community on iOS and Android.

[source: Kiip]

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