Crowdstar and iWin sign up for GREE's global social platform

Social star building its library

Crowdstar and iWin sign up for GREE's global social platform
Mobile social game platform GREE has unveiled partnerships with two social studios designed to bolster its social platform's library before its forthcoming global roll out.

Crowdstar will bring the next entry in its Top Girl series to GREE's platform exclusively, while iWin will launch two of its free-to-play titles – including Deal or No Deal and 1 vs 100 – on the network after it rolls out in Q2 2012.

Everyone's a winner

"We believe that the future of gaming is on mobile and that the industry needs both strong high quality social titles and a strong global platform to meet the needs of players and developers alike," says Peter Relan, CEO of Crowdstar.

Crowdstar has confirmed its first GREE game will make an appearance at the platform's booth at E3 in Los Angeles in June.

For its part, iWin claims it hopes its releases will enjoy the same success they've amassed to date on Facebook.

"Our game show games are inherently social so iWin was seeking a partner that could provide a large social footprint on mobile and GREE was the best choice given their global community," added iWin's VP of publishing CJ Wolf.

"GREE's commitment to 3rd party developers makes them the perfect partner to ensure we take our games to the next level."

As well as courting third parties, GREE has also set up its own North American studio to support its new platform, which will be based on OpenFeint's existing network.

The developer's first title was free-to-play deck-building card-game Zombie Jombie back in March.

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