Gree wins its patent infringement lawsuit against Supercell

It's been awarded $8.5 million

Gree wins its patent infringement lawsuit against Supercell

Japanese games firm Gree has won its lawsuit against Supercell for patent infringement.

As shown in the verdict form – seen by – it was determined that Gree had shown sufficient evidence to support its claims, while Supercell failed to make a compelling argument to defend its case. Therefore, the Clash of Clans creator was found guilty of infringement across four patents.

As a result of the unanimous decision, the Finnish mobile games specialist will be expected to pay $8.5 million to Gree, less than what the Japanese firm was seeking. Indeed, as pointed out on Twitter by Department of Play founder Will Luton, the figure amounts to less than three days of revenue for Supercell.

As reported by Bloomberg, the jury believes this amount to be sufficient, as it covers both past and future sales. However, it is worth noting that due to the jurors finding Supercell guilty of willful infringement, Judge Rodney Gilstrap could increase the monetary amount to be paid to Gree.

Case won, finally

Gree sued Supercell earlier this year, with the Finnish firm requesting a dismissal which was firmly denied by Judge Roy S. Payne.

Of course, this is not the first time that Japanese games firm has sued Supercell over patent infringement - it first filed a lawsuit in 2018. However, on that occasion, Supercell claimed victory.

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