Apsalar launches its free Campaign Source Insights tool to optimise user acquisition

Track, compare and maximise ROI

Apsalar launches its free Campaign Source Insights tool to optimise user acquisition
Most companies operating in the mobile app ecosystem are drowning in a sea of data, but US engagement outfit Apsalar says it's coming to the rescue.

It's announced Campaign Source Insights, which tracks the revenue you're generating from your various user acquisition activities.

It works by getting you to tag each campaign - whether through ad networks and exchanges, incentivised download networks, or email and offers etc - using an Apsalar redirect URL.

This enables a clear comparison of the value of each user in terms of their app download, install and interaction cycle.

Plays well

Apsalar says Campaign Source Insights also reconciles conflicting conversions issues, while the all-important life term value of a user is made transparent through the segmentation provided in the company's ApScience analytics product.

The results are presented in a single centralised dashboard, enabling you to optimise marketing spend to maximise return on investment.

Industry support

"Campaign Source Insights is a game changer for the mobile app industry," commented Chris Dury, CEO of free app store GetJar.

"We've seen strong demand from our advertising customers for this, and we're delighted to be able to deliver it by offering Apsalar's solution. Every serious app marketer needs to be using this so that they know they're not wasting their marketing spend."

Other partners publicly supporting the product include game publisher PlayMesh and ad network Jumptap.

Free to use, Campaign Source Insights supports iOS and Android, and doesn't rely on UDID.

[source: MarketWatch]
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