Apsalar rolls out its behaviourally-honed demand-side platform

Optimise the value of your high-value users

Apsalar rolls out its behaviourally-honed demand-side platform
The mobile analytics and monetisation market is maturing fast.

The latest outfit to roll out technology to enable user acquisition and re-targeting using one integrated platform is Apsalar.

Previously in private beta with clients such as TinyCo, its demand-side platform is now openly available.

It supports over 70 ad networks and real-time bidding exchanges across mobile web and apps.

Added smarts

Of course, this is fairly standard these days, so Apsalar points to the additional detail it can deliver from the proprietary behavioural user analysis it generates from 700 million users.

And, according to TinyCo, it works. 

"Apsalar has proven to be one of the top mobile ad platforms with whom we've worked when it comes to targeting highly engaged users," commented its growth and user acquisition manager Adam Merber.

"In a recent campaign with it, close to 90 percent of delivered users completed the tutorial of our games - an impressively high engagement metric that speaks to the strength of their technology at navigating the sometimes-difficult waters of RTB platforms."

You can find out more about the Apsalar DSP via its website.
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