Singular merges with Apsalar to offer a more nuanced marketing analytics platform

Will operate under the Singular brand

Date Type Companies involved Size
June 27th, 2017 merger Apsalar
Not disclosed
Singular merges with Apsalar to offer a more nuanced marketing analytics platform

Marketing analytics outfit Singular has completed a merger with mobile app attribution firm Apsalar.

This will result in Apsalar being brought into the Singular platform, creating the first end-to-end marketing analytics platform to drive ROI on mobile and other channels.

Singular's technology breaks down the traditionally fragmented data sources available to marketers and provides a unified platform to measure data from ad networks, social channels and more.

Going deeper

Now, with the addition of Apsalar's technology, it will be the first to demonstrate the ROI of specific user touch points such as ads, in-app events and push notifications.

“Mobile attribution is a critical piece of today’s marketing stack, yet up until now it has been treated as a stand alone solution, designed primarily to report on mobile app installs," said CEO and co-founder Gadi Eliashiv.

"This has given rise to broken attribution models that rely on data captured only through tracking tags and neglect to address the complete marriage of marketing campaigns with user events.

“Our new platform lets marketers move past that paradigm by enabling them to capture every necessary piece of data from every touchpoint - no matter its origin or format."

Apsalar CEO and co-founder Michael Oiknine will join the team as Chief Revenue Officer, as the newly-merged firm operates under the Singular brand going forward.

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