RIM: Apps on BlackBerry make 4% more revenue a month than on iOS

App World surpasses 100,000 apps

RIM: Apps on BlackBerry make 4% more revenue a month than on iOS
Studios may be waiting for the launch of BlackBerry 10 in 2013, but according to stats released by RIM, those supporting the firm's existing OS are already enjoying a fruitful time.

As part of an interview with global head of business research set to be published on shortly, the Canadian giant detailed a host of facts and figures designed to illustrate the strength of the BlackBerry ecosystem.

The headline figure? Based on Vision Mobile data, BlackBerry developers generate an average of 4 percent more revenue per app a month than those on iOS.


When compared to Android, that figure jumps further to 40 percent, while RIM numbers also suggest operators saw a 120 percent rise in BlackBerry App World purchases once carrier billing was implemented.

"Blackberry has traditionally been better at monetising than most other platforms, and we're going to get even better at it," said Hirsch in the interview.

"For developers on competing platforms, they increasingly struggle to make money. That's a huge constraint for them, so I think we have a compelling story to tell, and early research backs that we can make money."

In all, RIM claims BlackBerry App World has now hit 103,000 apps – double the number the marketplace boasted a year ago.

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