Chinese market entry specialist Yodo1 signs up 9 new devs

XMG, Red Rocket and Defiant Games on board

Chinese market entry specialist Yodo1 signs up 9 new devs
Market entry specialist Yodo1 has announced it's partnering with a total of nine new studios looking to bring their respective mobile games to the Chinese market.

The studios in question include XMG Studio, Red Rocket Games, Touch Village, TouchTen and Ski Safari developer Defiant Games, among others.

Charting in China

In its announcement, Yodo1 was also keen to boast of the work it's been carrying out with existing partners, such as German mobile studio HandyGames.

Its titles, Clouds & Sheep and Townsmen have both reached the Chinese App Store's top 5 overall apps chart.

Another partner, Robot Entertainment, also saw its title Hero Academy 'catapulted' into the Chinese App Store's top five by Yodo1.

The pot of gold

"Games like Ski Safari have already proven their popularity in Western markets, and with our experience and knowledge, they will find an entirely new base of fans in the world's second largest mobile industry," said Yodo1 CEO Henry Fong.

"We're excited to be working with so many high calibre game studios who are thinking globally about their products."

Yodo1 provides a full-service publishing platform for Western developers looking to enter the Chinese market. Since launching its platform in July 2012, Yodo1 has attracted some 5 million total active users.
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