Apple's iPhone 5 launch sees app downloads jump by 33%

October a 'month of opportunity', reports Fiksu

Apple's iPhone 5 launch sees app downloads jump by 33%
The launch of Apple's iPhone 5 resulted in a surge in app downloads and helped foster an October that was one full of opportunity for developers and mobile marketers alike.

That's according to mobile monetisation outfit Fiksu, which has reported that the cost of acquiring loyal app users predictably fell in tandem with the rise in downloads.

October opportunity

In all, the cost per loyal user index – Fiksu's measure of the average amount of marketing spend it takes to attract a user who starts an app three times or more – fell by 6 percent in October to $1.06.

"Significant increases in organic searches and app discovery – driven by the arrival of the iPhone 5 and users’ natural enthusiasm for downloading apps on to new devices – pushed costs down and created a huge opportunity for mobile app marketers to very cost-efficiently acquire loyal users in October," added Fiksu.

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In all, October's daily download rate hit 5.4 million, up 33 percent from September.

It's a rise that mirrors the 29 percent jump in downloads Fiksu observed following the launch of iPhone 4S.

"October was a month of opportunity for mobile app marketers," said CEO Micah Adler.

"Organic searches soared as users around the world actively explored the App Store searching out new apps for their new iPhones. This heightened period of organic discovery – coupled with peak download volumes – drove down the cost of loyal user acquisition.

"Some savvy marketers chose to ride this wave without substantially increasing their advertising spending."

[source: Fiksu]

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