CPMs on iOS and Android dropped below $6 in November 2016

Fiksu looks at the surprising shift

CPMs on iOS and Android dropped below $6 in November 2016

CPMs across both iOS and Android fell in November 2016 while CPPs increased slightly on both platforms, according to Fiksu.

The analytics firm found that iOS CPMs had dropped to $5.99, down 11% month-on-month. Android CPMs dropped to $3.59, down 14%.

This is interesting as advertisers will usually ramp up their media spend in the run-up to Christmas. The ramping up appears to have started as early as October.

Maturing markets

However, Fiksu suggests that marketers ramped up their spends in October in anticipation for the iPhone 7. The phone then saw a relatively low adoption rate, so advertisers lowered their spends accordingly.

Meanwhile the Android market continued to mature, and its CPPs surpassed iOS costs for only the second time in 2016. iOS CPPs saw a slight growth too, likely due to the season.

Fiksu noted that it expected costs to return to the typical holiday surge in December as advertisers look to cash in on new device users, but suggested that rates may not be as high as previous years.


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