AppLift's LTV technology yields 150% ROI for Immortalis

Campaign break-even achieved in 1.5 months

AppLift's LTV technology yields 150% ROI for Immortalis

AppLift, the Berlin-based mobile games marketing platform, has announced that its proprietary lifetime value (LTV) optimisation technology yielded a 150 percent return on investment for Aeria Games' Immortalis.

The campaign for Aeria's collectable card game ran in over 15 countries and hit its break-even point in an average time of one and a half months. The reported ROI came after Aeria recouped its investment.

AppLift achieved this success by focusing its LTV technology exclusively on the user acquisition and reactivation side of the business while optimising the campaign's ROI via a data-driven emphasis on post-install events.

Vive le ROI

Speaking on the ROI for Immortalis, Aeria Games' CEO Dr. Pascal Zuta emphasized its importance as a UA solution.

"We are very happy with the results obtained through AppLift's LTV optimization technology: with an ROI of 150 percent after recouping our initial investment, AppLift's marketing platform is one of our best user acquisition channels."

Last year, Aeria Games reported a peak ARPPU of $90 - a figure achieved, in no small part, from its intensive approach to mobile games as a service and through its boutique treatment of game localisations.

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