QuizUp generated 10 organic installs per paid download

Fiksu lifts the curtain on marketing campaign

QuizUp generated 10 organic installs per paid download

As we noted in a recent Charticle, the viral spread of Plain Vanilla's QuizUpin late 2013 was something of a phenomenon.

Since then the iPhone-only release has been joined by versions for iPad and Android, and we're starting to find out more about the mechanics of that success.

Mobile marketing and monetisation outfit Fiksu has been highlighting its role in the game's success.

Wisdom With Friends

According to a case study, Fiksu says that as the marketing partner for Plain Vanilla, it managed the campaign that saw the game deliver a click thru rate of 5.6 percent on sources gained through real-time bidding.

In terms of how much this costs, Fiksu said that it was paying around $1 CPI for non-incentivised traffic on iPhone.

The most important leverage, however, was that as a real-time head-to-head trivia game, QuizUp generated 10 organic installs for each paid install, twenty times higher than you'd expect.

This was the case as the game became a social phenomenon, particularly in the US and UK.

The result, says Fiksu, was QuizUp had 1 million users within eight days, 3.5 million in three weeks, and is now over the 10 million mark.

[source: Fiksu]

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